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Crista Cloutier's Video on "How Can Artists Give Right Now?"

How Can Artists Give Right Now?

I’m thinking a lot about the art community and about you during this challenging time. I’m looking for ways that I can help, and I have a proposal for us as well. As artists, it’s time

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Two artists dancing in the studio

The Artist’s Dance

We all know artists who do incredible work, but fail to achieve their professional goals. It’s tragic and feels unfair. At the same time, I’ll bet you can also name several artists who enjoy great commercial

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Organization for Artists

I don’t know about you, but I’d much rather hang out with The Muse and make stuff than create an inventory. I think we can all agree on that. But anyone can chase inspiration, that’s the

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The Working Artist conversation with Erik Durschmied

A Conversation with Erik Durschmied

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Throughout my career, I’ve worked with many other creative professionals. But my inspiration doesn’t always come from the art world. I’m inspired by people who forge their own path. Artist or not, these are the people

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Photo of an artist's hand

Summer Listening: Podcasts for Artists

How your summer’s going? I’ve been working hard on preparing for the release of my new podcast while still trying to learn everything I can about other podcasts for artists. I love sharing my discoveries with

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Portrait of Artist Parker Beaudoin

Meet Working Artist Parker Beaudoin

“I’ve become known as The Heart Man. There’s even a heart tattooed right here on the center of my neck,” says the Florida-based painter, gallery owner and tattoo artist Parker Beaudoin cheerfully. As an artist with

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Portrait of Artist Wendi Schneider

Meet Working Artist Wendi Schneider

“I create because I must. It’s the joy and flow of making work that fulfills me and keeps me somewhat sane.” Wendi Schneider is no stranger to the artistic life. It’s in her blood and surrounds

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Portrait of Artist Ann Dunbar

Meet Artist Ann Dunbar

Artist Ann Dunbar says that one of her earliest art memories was having her first painting of a horse framed and proudly hung in the kitchen by her parents. Despite the support from her family, as

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Portrait of Artist Tami Bensen

Meet Working Artist Tami Bensen

Tami Bensen is an intuitive artist. Working without a plan, her art is about letting go. She paints what comes to her organically, which often reflects those things found in nature. More recently, Tami has been

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An Important Question For Artists

Who am I? That’s a question every artist needs to ask themselves often. Because it’s who you are as an artist that will guide you through the ups and downs, twists and turns of this crazy

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Working Artist Woman with Brush

What Did Your Family Think?

Was ‘creativity’ a bad word in your family when you were growing up? Or was it a badge of honor? What did you do with the knowledge, with that recognition of your true self? What did

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More Interesting Questions.

I met him as I was taking my daily stroll through the city. An artist painting the landscape. I stopped to chat, as I do, and take a few pictures of a working artist at work. He

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