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Rochelle Johnson

Meet Working Artist Rochelle Johnson

Rochelle Johnson grabs her inspiration from life. Specializing in oils, she brings vibrancy to paintings that communicate the human experience.  Rochelle’s artist journey began like so many artists: at school. “I started off drawing by looking

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Artist Karen Jilly

Meet Working Artist Karen Jilly

Rewind to the Great Recession of 2008. Galleries closed. Art dealers moved on. Curators chased other professions. Karen Jilly, a mid-career artist who unlocks beauty in deceptively ordinary, forgotten cityscapes, suddenly found herself without key trappings

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Portrait of Artist Wayne Brungard

Meet Artist Wayne Brungard

Wayne Brungard is a self-taught metal artist and experienced fabricator. He creates bold custom art that defines space. However Wayne’s journey to becoming a sculptor, from turning his craft into art, took over 40 years and

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Kim Roberts

Meet Working Artist Kim Roberts

Kim Roberts wasn’t always an artist, at least not in the professional sense. A self-described “closet artist” she thought of her art as more of a creative hobby, and not something she considered in terms of

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Photographer Nick Levitin

Meet Working Artist Nick Levitin

Photographer Nick Levitin’s first love was the theater. Freshly graduated from Boston University, he returned to New York City in the early 70s to begin his artistic journey as an actor. He also came back to the

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Portrait of Artist Parker Beaudoin

Meet Working Artist Parker Beaudoin

“I’ve become known as The Heart Man. There’s even a heart tattooed right here on the center of my neck,” says the Florida-based painter, gallery owner and tattoo artist Parker Beaudoin cheerfully. As an artist with

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Portrait of Artist Wendi Schneider

Meet Working Artist Wendi Schneider

“I create because I must. It’s the joy and flow of making work that fulfills me and keeps me somewhat sane.” Wendi Schneider is no stranger to the artistic life. It’s in her blood and surrounds

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Portrait of Artist Ann Dunbar

Meet Artist Ann Dunbar

Artist Ann Dunbar says that one of her earliest art memories was having her first painting of a horse framed and proudly hung in the kitchen by her parents. Despite the support from her family, as

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Portrait of Artist Tami Bensen

Meet Working Artist Tami Bensen

Tami Bensen is an intuitive artist. Working without a plan, her art is about letting go. She paints what comes to her organically, which often reflects those things found in nature. More recently, Tami has been

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Portrait of Artist Donna Skaropoulou

Meet Working Artist Donna Skaropoulou

Donna Skaropoulou is a painter.  Originally from the U.K., she traveled to Greece in her early twenties, and there fell in love with the sounds, scents and colors of Mykonos. She stayed: married, had children, and

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Portrait of Artist Leslie Jean-Bart

Meet Working Artist Leslie Jean-Bart

“Becoming a working artist has literally saved my life.” So admits Haitian-born photographer Leslie Jean-Bart. Now an avowed New Yorker, Leslie has spent the past few years as the sole caretaker of his mother who suffers

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Portrait of Artist Gopaal Sen

Meet Working Artist Gopaal Sen

Prior to quitting his full-time job, artist Gopaal Sen worked the high flying corporate life – travelling 180 nights a year. And yet he still managed to spend his weekends teaching up to 150 art students.

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Portrait of Artist Summer Lydick

Meet Working Artist Summer Lydick

Summer Lydick is a Working Artist. After receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in drawing and a Master of Arts in painting, Summer continued her work in fine art while developing The Painted Wall, a

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Portrait of Artist Adam Cook

Meet Working Artist Adam Cook

Adam Cook is an emerging artist in Beaumont, TX. He drew constantly as a child, but at age ten picked up a guitar and for the next several years, art took a backseat to music. In

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Portrait of Artist David Foster

Meet Working Artist David Foster

Artist David Foster has had a passion for nature photography for nearly fifty years. He focused heavily on photography during his twenties. Then life carried David through cross-country moves, marriage, kids and thirty years of employment

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Portrait of artist Tom waters

Meet Working Artist Tom Waters

In a world that often thinks being an artist is not a responsible thing to do, The Working Artist course gave me the ‘permission’ and the confidence to pursue being a full time artist. – Tom

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