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The Working Artist Program has guided thousands of artists to thriving careers around the world.

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So many artists get stopped in their tracks by the monster named NOT ENOUGH.

Do any of these sound familiar?

I do NOT have ENOUGH time.

I do NOT have ENOUGH money.

I am NOT good ENOUGH.

If you’re feeling stuck, overwhelmed or dispirited, The Working Artist Program is for YOU.

Selling Your Art is NOT Selling Out!

I want to take you on a professional journey with your art. But it’s gonna take work. That’s why I call my program ‘The Working Artist.’

If you want to be taken seriously in the art world, the journey starts by taking yourself seriously.

Through my step-by-step program and continued support through monthly Coaching Calls, I will be your guide.

“I have been doing art for years but the confidence and belief were not there. The Working Artist Program has made such a difference to my career. 

It was the best thing I could have done. It was like a wake up call.”

Ann Dunbar,


Would You Like to Know...

➡ Why your approach to making connections in the art world might be a waste of time?

➡ What the best galleries are really looking for?

➡ How to get more sales with insider tactics that actually work?

➡ How to write a business plan without throwing your laptop out the window?

➡ The mistake 90% of artists make when they submit proposals and why it will doom you to failure?

➡ How to turn your website into a 24/7 selling and marketing machine?

➡ Secret success habits of blue-chip artists you can implement right now

➡ And how to use social media whilst keeping it fun?

The Working Artist delivers all this and more!

“I’ve done several art-business courses. The Working Artist is by far the best online program I have worked with.”

Kadira Jennings,

So What’s Inside the Program?

  • Begin with a powerful exercise to consider your legacy as an artist.

  • Create effective marketing materials.

  • Review your pricing strategy.

  • Understand the professional responsibilities of working as an artist.

  • Receive the secret weapon any artist can use to survive economic downturns.
  • How to build important art-world relationships.

  • Master valuable techniques to market your work.

  • Learn the best way to win gallery representation.

  • Discover the exploding world of opportunities for artists.
  • Go even deeper into the business of art, including legalities and documentation.

  • How to get art-world decision-makers to respond to your messages.

  • Documenting your work the correct way.

  • The best ways to tell people about your art.

  • Develop your The Working Artist Kit. This vital kit will make a massive difference to your success.
  • Create your strategic vision forward. Step by step, my method will take you from struggling to thriving.

  • Learn powerful branding techniques and website formulas.
  • Transform your approach to Social Media to truly connect.

  • And in this module, I’ll give you a special tool for building your confidence…
  • Learn how to speak about your work to anyone, anywhere. Even if you’re shy!
  • Learn how to inventory your work like a pro.

  • Banish overwhelm! Here’s you’ll put everything together with a proven project planning formula. 
  • This week includes a very special bonus program:
    Art Fair Essentials is a comprehensive resource for art fairs and festivals. It includes a one-hour instructional video, checklists, and hours of interviews with art fair veterans and organizers, chock full of tips.

Hey, have we met? I'm Crista Cloutier

  • I’ve been honored by Linked In as an “Influencer in the Contemporary Art World” for my expertise and experience

  • I’ve sold millions of dollars in artworks to museums, galleries and collectors throughout the world

  • I’ve had the privilege of guiding thousands of artists and photographers to thriving careers

  • Today, my flagship program The Working Artist has served artists in over 60 countries – and it’s growing every day!

“I was afraid that I’d be paying for a reinforcement of things that I already knew or had learned in school. I was certainly wrong about that!”

Elizabeth Castaldo,
New York

How Much
is the Investment?

You'll Receive: Value:
The Working Artist Core Modules 
Your Artist Manifesto Workshop
Are You Pricing Your Art Wrong?
Your Brand and Your Website
Social Media for Working Artists
A Guided Meditation for Art-World Success
Your Story + Your Voice
Project Planning for Artist Brains
NFT Art and Cryptocurrency Bonus
Art Fair Essentials
Monthly Coaching Calls



Join The Working Artist Program at 50% off for the last time ever!

...and The Working Artist Program comes with a money-back guarantee.

I created The Working Artist Masterclass to be the most comprehensive and professional advice offered, so that artists can achieve results. In return, I expect the artists who work with me to do the work, giving your best by implementing the strategies I share.


So in order to be eligible for my 100% Money Back Guarantee, you must submit your completed workbooks within 2 weeks of the end of the course. In other words, I believe that if you do the work, you’ll succeed. But I can’t be responsible for artists who don’t really put in the effort. So that’s my deal. Give it your best shot and if it doesn’t work, you’ve got nothing to lose.

The Working Artist

Join the program that’s created the careers of thousands of global artists.

The Working Artist

Combine The Working Artist Program with a private 1:1 consultation with Crista.


The Working Artist PLUS

For those who wish to go deeper, The Working Artist PLUS option combines the extensive training inside the Working Artist Program with a powerful 1:1 strategy session with Crista. 

After you’ve completed the Program, you’ll be invited to schedule your private consultation, where you’ll reflect on your learnings, receive insightful feedback and create a bespoke plan to move your art career forward. You can find out more about this session by visiting the Career Catalyst page.

“The Working Artist helped me get professionally organized 150%. I gained a priceless confidence that comes from understanding the foundation I needed to navigate the art world.”

Parker Beaudoin,

“Since I took The Working Artist Program, my practice has changed beyond recognition. I’ve taken several other courses but can honestly say that The Working Artist taught me more than any other.”


Monique Oliver,

“I knew absolutely zero about navigating the fine art world before taking 
The Working Artist Program! But becoming a working artist has literally saved my life.”

Leslie Jean-Bart,
New York

“I love Crista. She’s got tremendous integrity. That said, the program only works as hard as you do. But I’ve done a few of these now and The Working Artist is the only program I keep returning to”.


Kim Roberts

“The Working Artist Program is highly valuable because it is hands-on, understandable, practical and specifically tailored to artists seeking to navigate the larger art world. Crista’s professional experience in the art world gives her the insight and credibility to provide huge substance and quality. 


Michael Pierre Price

Still have questions? Contact Crista here.

The Working Artist

Join the program that’s created the careers of thousands of global artists.

The Working Artist

Combine The Working Artist Program with a private 1:1 consultation with Crista.

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