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The Artist Manifesto

 Let me ask you a question, Artist to Artist What kind of world do you want to live in? I believe that the world is changing and this is a true opportunity for artists to

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The Artist’s Struggle with Self Confidence

   Artists struggle with self-confidence all the time. Do you? Seriously, as an artist, you are always putting the most personal, the most vulnerable, the most subjective parts of yourself forward. Everybody has an opinion

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Never Stop Doing

The End of Procrastination

Do you procrastinate? Procrastination is a word I often hear artists use. But procrastination can be more than just postponing tasks and projects. It can become a reason to turn against yourself, to bring all of your

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artist choice

Artist: The Best Choice You Can Make

 Have you ever found yourself questioning if you’re good enough? Have you found yourself overthinking something you did or said? Or wondering why you didn’t get the result you wanted? Are the judgments and opinions

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The Gift My Dad Gave Me

Do you remember when you first knew that you were an artist? I do. It began when my Dad gave me a gift. Let me explain. My parents were divorced and Dad lived far away. Though

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A Retrospective of Your Art

Do you recognize this museum exhibition? I shared this picture a few years ago after I wandered into a museum gallery and discovered an exhibition of my art! Well, not my art exactly. It was a

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Artist wishes

How Artists Make Wishes Come True

 For years, I wished that I could work as an artist. Don’t we all have wishes? We wonder what life would be like, imagining who we might become and what we would have if only….

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Does your family hate your art?

 It’s not impossible to live the artist’s life without the recognition of your loved ones, but it can be exhausting. Don’t forget that people have their own reasons for their feelings. Everyone is telling themselves

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This Defines an Artist

  But what about all the bad stuff that happens to artists? Get over it. No, seriously. Bad stuff is part of the deal in art. Promises will be broken. Calls won’t be returned. Sales will

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Who Do You Think You Are?

Who do you think you are? How many of us are afraid to say who we are and what we want? Afraid of disappointing our parents, our friends, lovers, colleagues? Almost every artist battles the accusing

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The Monster Who Hijacks Artists’ Dreams

Every artist’s journey tells a story. And every story has an antagonist. The story of your artist’s journey is no different. The antagonist is the adversary, the opponent. It’s what comes between the hero and her desire.

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What Money Means in the Art-World

  In the art world, people often think that the more money you make, the more talented you are as an artist.  But as someone who helps artists succeed financially, I want to set the record

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Crayons on wood

Have You Pushed PAUSE On Creativity?

An artist recently spoke with me about her work. She tearfully admitted that she’d been too busy to create new work of any substance. She was afraid. Afraid she won’t be able to connect with the

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When Artists Feel Rejection

Every artist experiences rejection. Even artists who hit Big Time. Even artists like you. Even artists like me. That’s why I understand when artists say they’re suffering. Rejection never feels good. It happened to me recently.

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Portrait of Crista Cloutier

For Artists Who Crave Feedback

 As artists, we often find ourselves at a crossroads, seeking validation and feedback, wondering if our art resonates with the world. Do you ever feel that way? I made this video to share with you

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On your mark. Get set. Go!

I’m always encouraging artists to JUMP. But what does that even mean? The jump is about following your heart. If you recognize your heart as the very best of yourself, and you acknowledge that this is

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