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Your Muse is Calling

Who is this Muse that we talk about? Where does She come from? What does She want? Is She mythical like a fairy or an elf? Does She have magical powers? Or is She metaphorical in

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Artist journey

You’re an artist?

I have a question for you: How many times have people told you that as an artist you really need to find “something to fall back on”? It sucks, doesn’t it? The truth is that civilians,

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believe artist

Believe In Yourself

NOTE: I have a super exciting opportunity to share with you. I’m going to France this summer, and you’re invited too! >>> Click here to learn more. <<< It’s not about whether you succeed or fail

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price tag that says I want to play guitar really well

The Artist Who Gave Away His Dream

“I used to have a band,” he told me. He’d played lead guitar and sang. It was the 80’s and he worked hard, toured the country, and started to gain a small following. But he never

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Come To France With Me

I have a super exciting opportunity to share with you today. I’m going to France this summer, and you’re invited too! Watch this video to learn more. Crista x Click here for details

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artist choice

Artist: The Best Choice You Can Make

 Have you ever found yourself questioning if you’re good enough? Or maybe you overthink something you did or something you said? Sometimes we get stuck in those thoughts, wondering about the judgments and opinions of

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Footsteps in the sand

Little-Teeny-Tiny Steps

If I had a nickel for every time I couldn’t move forward because of money, or because there simply wasn’t enough time… but I decided to stop letting those things that I cannot control decide my

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The Monster Who Hijacks Artists’ Dreams

Every artist’s journey tells a story. And every story has an antagonist. The story of your artist’s journey is no different. The antagonist is the adversary, the opponent. It’s what comes between the hero and her desire.

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It Was Every Artist’s Dream

It’s every artist’s dream, but I was shocked when it happened to me.  While in Arizona a couple of years ago, I decided to visit the local art museum, Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art (SMoCA). It’s one of my

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ukrainian artist

How to Support Artists in Ukraine: Part 1

On the 24th February 2022, Russian forces invaded Ukraine without provocation. I think I speak for a lot of my fellow artists when I say we strongly condemn the Russian government’s decision to invade Ukraine and

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Old Telephone

Being Called To Be An Artist

What does it mean to have a ‘calling’ as an artist? Who’s calling you? What exactly are you being called to do? Artists aren’t the only ones who feel called. When a person dedicates their career

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a child's open hands

The One Word That Changed Everything

Like so many artists, I was working hard. Submitting, proposing, applying. But it seemed nothing was going my way and I was totally stressed. Have you ever felt like this? I phoned my Guardian Angel. It

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Squashed: 7 Artist Myths

For as long as artists have been creating there have been myths about what it means to be a professional artist. Stereotypes of the ‘starving artist’ or the ‘eccentric weirdo’ seem to follow us wherever we

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