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Photo of a starry night painting

To Stop Wishing And Start Doing

For years I wished that I could be a writer and an artist. I wished on every shooting star, straining my neck from the constant upward gaze. I threw a small fortune of pennies into wishing

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Portrait of Art Framer Bill Fielders

Framer to the Stars

Though he called himself “Framer to the Stars,” I never saw any stars in Bill’s Custom Frames. But I did see plenty of artists. Every artist has their favorite framers, and ever since I was in

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Does Your Art Suck?

Has anyone ever told you that your creative work sucks? If not, just wait. It’ll happen. And when it does, avoid the urge to hide in a hole. Instead, consider it a rite of passage… I’ve

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Art Student questions

Are you asking yourself these questions?

   Over the years, I’ve worked with hundreds of university art students. They always impress me; eager to learn, explore, and ready to change the world. But they’re also scared and unsure if the world

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Artist dream

What’s your Artist Dream?

Artists are dreamers. Often we operate in two different worlds: the vibrant, colorful, mystical world inside of our heads and…well… the real world. The real world isn’t as fun. Bills demand to be paid. Responsibilities need

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Are You Giving Your Power Away?

I guess it won’t surprise you know that I’ve always believed in magic. I look for those small moments of synchronicity that let me know I’m not alone. I don’t know Who or What it is

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printmaking studio

The Artist Who Couldn’t Be Tamed

Artist Luis Jimenez died tragically in an accident in June of 2006. At the studio where I worked, Luis was the first artist I knew to pass away. Artists Fritz Scholder and Keith Haring had also worked

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flowers floating in water

The Gift a Gentle Giant Left Me

Mickey was born the moment that his father died. His dad was rushing to the hospital to greet his firstborn son when he was hit by a train and killed instantly. A few years later, Mickey’s

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Artist wishes

How Artists Make Wishes Come True

 For years, I wished that I could work as an artist. Don’t we all have wishes? We wonder what life would be like, imagining who we might become and what we would have if only….

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sticky note mind map

Overcoming Overwhelm

I recently suffered a crisis. My relationships weren’t connecting, my creativity wasn’t flowing. I was overwhelmed and overwrought. It felt like the work was stagnant and it became a battle to get through all the stuff

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International Artists Day

A Special Message For You

 Last Monday we celebrated International Artists Day by meeting up LIVE in my Facebook Group. It was great to see so many artists there and sharing a toast with this beautiful online community. There, I

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i was here written in the sand

What Will Become of You?

I found myself at a crossroads when I was eighteen years old. I’d grown up in a family where science and mathematics made proper courses of study for university. But my behavior gave my family reason

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