Are You Playing In The Land Of No?

As she wiped away the tears, the artist told me her story.

She’d applied for a project that was a perfect match for her work.

She had all the right qualifications. She was certain that she’d get it. She even started to make plans for moving forward.

But then she wasn’t chosen! It left her stunned,  questioning herself and her talent.

It took all of two seconds for “no” to turn into shame, to wrong, to not good enough.

We’ve all been there, haven’t we?

But here’s another story.

One day, I knocked on a neighbor’s door just as he was opening a bottle of expensive champagne.

“Come in and join me!” he cried out, obviously excited. “I’m celebrating! I’ve just received another rejection letter for my novel!”

This man understands the lesson that my own coach, Kate Schutt recently shared with me; “Yes” lives in the “Land of No.”

In other words, you’ve got to get past your ego and fears of failure if you want to get to where you want to go. If you want someone to say “Yes,” you cannot be afraid of “No.”

I know that it hurts when doors close, when you’re rejected. But it’s your choice as to how to respond. And how you respond determines how the universe plays its next card.

So choose gratitude and curiosity and faith. And keep doing the work.

Do it better, do it bigger. Do it with champagne!

And above all, don’t be afraid to play in the Land of No. Because this is where Yes will find you.


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