Crista Cloutier

Portrait of Jaune Quick-to-See Smith

The Artist Who Is “Quick-To-See”

Jaune Quick–to–See Smith is an internationally renowned artist with a seriously impressive bio: Jaune Quick-to-See Smith is one of the most acclaimed American Indian artists today.   Reviewed in most art periodicals, Smith has had over 100 solo exhibits in the past 40 years and has done printmaking projects nationwide. She has lectured at more …

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Photo of a sculpture that says fine art

Who’s Your Art Hero?

I like a hero as much as the next girl, maybe more. Probably more. But my heroes aren’t action stars, sports legends, nor Kardashians. They’re not even all artists. My heroes tend to be the special teachers I’ve had over the years. A few of them worked in a classroom, most of them didn’t. But …

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A Photographer’s Guide to Instagram

A Photographer’s Guide to Instagram

Instagram has become an enormously popular social media platform. And this visual app is positively viral amongst photographers. Whether you’re a professional or a hobbiest chasing the perfect photo, Instagram is the ideal platform to post, share and gain traffic to your images.  Instagram also provides the perfect tool to build relationships, explore collaborations, gain …

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