Crista Cloutier

What’s the gift?

I have always been right! Handed, that is. It’s my dominant side and I’ve often shuddered at the thought of having to change. Life must have heard me and had a chuckle at my expense. Last summer, a visit to a dodgy dentist left me unable to chew on my right side anymore. It was …

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Art Exhibition as a Professional Artist

Your First Art Exhibition as a Professional Artist

Is your dream to be a professional artist who sells your art locally? Art exhibitions are a fantastic way to increase your profile and credibility as a professional artist, in your own hometown. And you don’t need to have a gallery to create one! Art exhibitions also offer exciting opportunities to connect with your community, …

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How to define art

How To Describe Your Art

Too often, people outside of the art world get confused when confronted with art. They’re afraid that it means something secret, something they don’t understand. Many times they walk away, not because they don’t like it but because they’re afraid of sounding stupid. One important way to become successful as an artist, is to help …

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How do art galleries work

How Do Art Galleries Work?

Emerging artists often ask me, ‘How do art galleries work?.’ Many artists wonder if galleries are still relevant? I tell them that even though the internet has made it easier than ever for artists to share and sell their work directly, gallery representation still holds tremendous value. If it’s your goal to find gallery representation …

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