How to sell art online

Selling Your Art Online

Have you ever noticed how people talk about selling art online as if it’s easy? Post it, pin it, tweet it or link it and VOILA!  The sales! The acclaim! The thousands of followers! But it’s quite not that easy, is it? I am here to tell you that just because selling art online is …

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sticky note mind map

Overcoming Overwhelm

I recently suffered a crisis. My relationships weren’t connecting, my creativity wasn’t flowing. I was overwhelmed and overwrought. It felt like the work was stagnant and it became a battle to get through all the stuff that needed to be done. Have you ever felt like this? In times of crisis, I look for those …

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Organization for Artists

I don’t know about you, but I’d much rather hang out with The Muse and make stuff than create an inventory. I think we can all agree on that. But anyone can chase inspiration, that’s the fun part. To put the ‘work’ into your practice, you’ve got to slog through the hard stuff. Like it …

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Two artists dancing in the studio

The Artist’s Dance

We all know artists who do incredible work, but fail to achieve their professional goals. It’s tragic and feels unfair. At the same time, I’ll bet you can also name several artists who enjoy great commercial success, they’re achieving professional goals – yet their work leaves you scratching your head and wondering why? Why them? …

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Shop window Art for Sale

How to Price Art

Are You Pricing Your Art Wrong? Knowing how to price your art can be really intimidating. Trust me I know. It’s one of the things that artists ask me about the most. Do you price your art in the same way that a lot of other artists do? Are you so traumatized by the very …

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Fridge magnets saying 'Never Stop Doing'

How Artists Find Their Brand

“It’s really easy to work as an artist!” said no one, ever. Most artists are really challenged when it comes to marketing their own work. Are you? Maybe you can’t place your finger on what your style is? Maybe you play in more than one medium? It’s difficult to package something that feels so elusive …

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Artists + Money

Artists and money. We obsess about money. We want more of it. It’s not just artists, it’s our culture at large. But the myth of the artist states that we’ll never have it. And a lot of us buy into that. Why is money so difficult for creators to create? Is it because money isn’t …

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The Business of Art

Today I’m going to share something a little different with you. It’s an interview I gave for the book “The Business of Art.” I’ll include a link for the book itself down below. But I thought you might be interested in how I answered these questions about my own journey and the advice I have …

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