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The Artist’s 6 Stages of Initiation

In business school, they talk about The 6 Stages of Entrepreneurship. But in art school, they don’t even use the word entrepreneur. They should. Artists are entrepreneurs. That’s the truth. And it’s the difference between the old economy and the new. But artists have always been entrepreneurs; they’ve had to be. Though instead of The …

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Art-World Insider Shares 2021 Insights

I recently had the pleasure of talking with my friend Linda Mariano of Redwood Art Group. Linda has a wealth of experience as the Managing Director of Marketing for Redwood’s well-known American art fairs and publications. She really understands the current art-world landscape and sees clearly what’s next. Listen to this wonderful conversation we had. …

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Artists + Money

Artists and money. We obsess about money. We want more of it. It’s not just artists, it’s our culture at large. But the myth of the artist states that we’ll never have it. And a lot of us buy into that. Why is money so difficult for creators to create? Is it because money isn’t …

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Passionate Painter Podcast's Interview with Crista Cloutier

Use Your Creative Voice to Master Your Art Career

I was recently interviewed on the Passionate Painter Podcast about how to use your creative voice to build your art business. I shared a lot of information that I thought might serve you, so I’m sharing the link here. The host, Caroline Italia Carlson, asked some really great questions. Our conversation included: The biggest career …

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