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What Am I Doing?

   What am I doing? I’m working. What am I working on? So glad you asked. I’m really excited because I’m working on a new project for artists. It’s really unique and it’s really exciting.

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AI: Death of Art?

Have you read the news,? They’re predicting that artists are being replaced by robots. That art as we know it is dead. Artificial Intelligence, they call it. A.I. But what is AI? During a recent Coaching Call,

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How to become a professional artist

How To Become A Professional Artist

Like many creatives, you want to become a full-time professional artist one day. Isn’t that the dream? But the path to becoming a professional artist isn’t clear. They don’t teach entrepreneurial skills in art school. There’s

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Neon sign that says the work

How Amateur Artists Go Pro

What’s an artist to do when confronted with the complexities of a creative life? Create a new picture. Work through the blocks between where you are now and where you want to be. “But Crista,” you say.

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how to work with art gallery

Finding Art Gallery Representation

If you’re an emerging or mid-career artist you might be asking yourself, ‘How do art galleries work? How can I find art gallery representation?’ While some artists seem to find art gallery representation easily, they are

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Artist dream

What’s your Artist Dream?

Artists are dreamers. Often we operate in two different worlds: the vibrant, colorful, mystical world inside of our heads and…well… the real world. The real world isn’t as fun. Bills demand to be paid. Responsibilities need

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time management for artists

Time Management for Artists

People often roll their eyes when I tell them I help artists to get organized. “It must be like herding kittens,” they sniff. Apparently, we have a bad reputation. But time management for artists is a

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How to define art

How To Describe Your Art

Too often, people outside of the art world get confused when confronted with art. They’re afraid that it means something secret, something they don’t understand. Many times they walk away, not because they don’t like it

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Sell art locally

How To Sell Your Art Locally

Wondering how to sell your art locally? With so much emphasis on selling online, it’s no wonder many of you have overlooked the advantages of selling your art locally. But selling your art locally can be

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