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Working as an Artist in 2021

I recently had the honor of opening the Creative Voyage Summit, hosted by the incredible artist Alexis Cohen.  Alexis invited me to set the stage for the summit. So I created a workshop to help artists

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Art-World Insider Shares 2021 Insights

I recently had the pleasure of talking with my friend Linda Mariano of Redwood Art Group. Linda has a wealth of experience as the Managing Director of Marketing for Redwood’s well-known American art fairs and publications.

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Artists + Money

Artists and money. We obsess about money. We want more of it. It’s not just artists, it’s our culture at large. But the myth of the artist states that we’ll never have it. And a lot

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The Magic Formula For Success

I was taking a week-long Deep Writing workshop with the extraordinary creativity coach Dr. Eric Maisel. I’ve been writing for a long time now, so this wasn’t a how-to class, it was more about connecting with

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Playing cards spelling out art

How To Be An Artist

I often get asked how to work as an artist by people who feel stuck in their lives. They feel a sense of creativity and a desire to make, but they don’t know how to get

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How to sell art online

Selling Your Art Online

Have you ever noticed how people talk about selling art online as if it’s easy? Post it, pin it, tweet it or link it and VOILA!  The sales! The acclaim! The thousands of followers! But it’s

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sticky note mind map

Overcoming Overwhelm

I recently suffered a crisis. My relationships weren’t connecting, my creativity wasn’t flowing. I was overwhelmed and overwrought. It felt like the work was stagnant and it became a battle to get through all the stuff

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Two artists dancing in the studio

The Artist’s Dance

We all know artists who do incredible work, but fail to achieve their professional goals. It’s tragic and feels unfair. At the same time, I’ll bet you can also name several artists who enjoy great commercial

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Shop window Art for Sale

How to Price Art

Are You Pricing Your Art Wrong? Knowing how to price your art can be really intimidating. Trust me I know. It’s one of the things that artists ask me about the most. Do you price your

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Fridge magnets saying 'Never Stop Doing'

How Artists Find Their Brand

“It’s really easy to work as an artist!” said no one, ever. Most artists are really challenged when it comes to marketing their own work. Are you? Maybe you can’t place your finger on what your

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The Business of Art

Today I’m going to share something a little different with you. It’s an interview I gave for the book “The Business of Art.” I’ll include a link for the book itself down below. But I thought

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Bllue and red canvas with brush

How To Sell Your Art

Many artists sell art out of their studio, online, at co-operative galleries, or even at one of the thousands of art fairs that are so popular. But just because you’re an artist, doesn’t mean that you

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This is art written in grafitti

Art Marketing

What’s the best way to approach art marketing? That’s an excellent question! Too many artists like to make the work but they stop there. They don’t want to delve into the world of art marketing because

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Portrait of Crista Cloutier

How to Work with an Artist Coach

If you’re an artist, you already know how important it is to keep learning. Curiosity is the artist’s calling card, and devotion to craft is what separates the professionals from the dilettantes. But don’t stop at

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Crista Recording Artist Podcasts

Artist Podcasts

I’m still working on putting my own podcast together. It’s a huge project, and is going to take some time. The Working Artist: A Step by Step Guide from Feather to Wings doesn’t have a launch date

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