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Art Fair Essentials For Working Artists

FACT: Did you know that more art is now being sold at art fairs than at brick and mortar galleries? Overall, artists are now reporting that nearly half their income is derived from art fairs! Have you

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Crista Cloutier looking through camera

How To Sell Your Photographs

I once had an art gallery that showed a lot of photographic work and I also ran a studio where we collaborated with many highly successful photographers. So I understand the photography market and how to

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Artist Career Info

When it comes to representing their work, artists are often their own worst enemy. For example, when I ran an art gallery, I’d receive dozens of emails each day from artists I’d never met. The messages

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Artist Workshops

If you’re an artist you already know how important it is to keep learning. Curiosity is the artist’s calling card, and devotion to craft is what separates the professionals from the dilettantes. But don’t stop at

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Why Artists Are Always Right

Hello, my name is Crista Cloutier and I am an obsessive list-maker. To be fair, lists have gotten me pretty far. It’s been a few years now since I first started dreaming of creating an online

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The Truth About Professional Artists

Last weekend I learned an awful lot about the professional life of artists. I attended a conference that focused on arts graduates and how they’re faring in this changing economy. What I learned may surprise you.

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The Wisdom of Great Artists

I am a lucky girl. I’ve spent my career surrounded by great artists, photographers, writers and poets. People whose names are known and works celebrated, others equally talented who remain unknown. Most artists are absolutely lovely

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Important info for all living artists

A recent study of aging artists in New York City reveals that “artists are in many respects a model for society, maintaining strong social networks and an astonishing resilience as they age.” However, 61% of professional visual

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