Sell Your Paintings Online: 5 Online Platforms

How to sell your art online

When I started out in the art world, artists were pretty limited in how they could sell their art. 

The internet wasn’t popular yet so if you wanted to get artwork into someone’s hands you had to either show it in a gallery, mail out a catalog, or do what I did which was get on the phone and pitch it to collectors! 

Can you imagine doing that now? Ha!

Today, everything is so much more accessible. The internet has changed the art landscape entirely. There’s been no better time in history for artists to build their audience online and get their work seen and sold. 

If you’re looking to sell paintings online, I’ve put together a list of some of the best online platforms for selling your art. 

Why not check them out and see which one feels like the right fit for selling your art? 




Overview of the platform: 

SAATCHI call themselves ‘The world’s leading online art gallery.’ It’s no wonder, they’re certainly the most well known amongst artist circles. They have name recognition and provide a pretty seamless purchasing experience. They also regularly feature artists on the platform and are very supportive of emerging artists.  

Application process: 

Applying to sell your paintings on SAATCHI is free and simple. They give you tips on creating your profile and uploading images of your work. 

How much of each sale do you take home? 

Artists take home 65% of each sale. 




Overview of the platform: 

Artfinder markets itself as a ‘dating site’ for art. They sell art priced between $13 and $11 million…so they boast quite the range! Artists of all kinds sell work in virtually every medium here. And art collectors who are willing to spend more than $500 are personally matched with pieces they might like. 

Application process:

As part of their application process, Artfinder requires you to have a dedicated website or social media page for your art. The review time is typically 8-10 weeks.  

How much of each sale do you take home? 

Artists take home 67% of each sale. 




Overview of the platform: 

UGallery is a platform that only accepts original works of art (no prints or posters) and you won’t be permitted to sell it anywhere else online. If you’re selling your paintings from the United States they’ll provide you with custom art boxes for packaging and prepaid FedEx labels for posting which is a nice touch! 

Application process:

It’s quite a lengthy process for getting accepted here and they’re only looking for emerging or mid-career artists. You’ll need to have an Artist Statement, digital copies of your work, a completed application form and pay the $5 application fee.  

How much of each sale do you take home? 

Artists take home 50% of each sale. 



Overview of the platform: 

ArtPal is a completely free website where you can sell your art online. According to it’s homepage they currently have over 203,000 artists selling original work. While the website doesn’t look as slick or professional as other platforms, the fact that they take no commission is a big drawcard.    

Application process:

Simply create a profile and you’re in! 

How much of each sale do you take home? 

Artists take home 100% of each sale. 




Overview of the platform: 

Fine Art America combines the traditional art gallery model with modern print on-demand services. You can choose between selling your exclusive original works of art online or you have the option to allow customers to transfer your art onto t-shirts, greeting cards, phone cases, and more. 

Application process:

It’s very easy to start selling your paintings on the Fine Art America platform. Simply create a profile, upload some images and you’re good to go. 

How much of each sale do you take home? 

For original works of art, you’ll keep 100% of the sale. For digital downloads, you set the price (which you’ll keep) however FAA asks you to add on 30% as a markup (which they keep). For other products like t-shirts etc, FAA has a base price and you set the markup, they’ll keep the base price, you’ll keep the markup. Confused yet?! 

Which platform will you use to sell your paintings online?


As artists, our main focus is to just keep showing up and doing the work. And with platforms like these to sell your paintings online, bringing in revenue and finding new customers has never been more accessible. 

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start selling your paintings! 


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  • https://fineartamerica.com/

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