Artist masterclass

Is The Working Artist Masterclass the Right Art Course for You? – An honest assessment

Investing time and money into a course for artists is a great way to build your knowledge, expand your skill set, and develop confidence. And artist masterclasses, courses and programs are invaluable to artists at all stages of their careers. But how do you decide which artist course is right for you? You may already …

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Photo of an artist's hand

What Is An Artist?

I went all the way to France to write my book. But that didn’t make it any easier. Chapter One. Page One. The bright white of the paper glared accusingly. How do I begin?   At the café, the proprietor noticed the blank notebook and my heavy sighs. He asked what was I writing? I …

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Photo of a person's hand with ring that says "fear not"

Are You An Artist-Warrior?

I believe that the best artists are Artist Warriors. But instead of taking up arms, we take up brushes and cameras and clay. Artists are warriors of the spirit. Like any warrior, artists must be tested, must be prepared. You must prove your courage and your commitment. Haven’t you seen this is your own life? …

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On your mark. Get set. Go!

I’m always encouraging artists to JUMP. But what does that even mean? The jump is about following your heart. If you recognize your heart as the very best of yourself, and you acknowledge that this is where your creativity comes from, you can trust your heart to lead. Don’t confuse your heart with your head. …

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What’s the gift?

I have always been right! Handed, that is. It’s my dominant side and I’ve often shuddered at the thought of having to change. Life must have heard me and had a chuckle at my expense. Last summer, a visit to a dodgy dentist left me unable to chew on my right side anymore. It was …

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