The Artist’s Mantra

There are several definitions of artists that I personally subscribe to, but my favorite is this: artists are alchemists. During the Middle Ages, an alchemist was known as someone who could transform base metals into gold. I believe that as artists, we turn everything into gold. Think about it. Through an artist’s touch, a blank canvas …

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Crista Cloutier and Andrew David Smith

The First Artist I Ever Met

I told Andy about the special place where I ride my bicycle each day. It’s a tiny island in the middle of a pond. I explained how it’s been my destination for years; it’s where I write, where I work and where I dream. “Where is this place?” he asked. When I explained the location, …

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Photo of a tower made of clocks

The Worst Word An Artist Can Use

If you’re an artist who’s feeling overwhelmed going into 2021, try striking the word BUSY from your vocabulary. I’m serious! This is potent stuff. A few years ago I realized that I’d been ignoring my heart’s calling because of a relentless amount of responsibilities. So I made a resolution to strike the word BUSY from …

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neon light saying believe

Who Believes in You?

All artists have dreams, wishes and goals. It doesn’t matter whether we keep our light hidden and never share our aspirations with another soul, or we announce our plans loudly to the universe. Either way, as artists, we all want our work to be seen, to connect with others. We each desire respect for our talent and our …

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Old Telephone

Being Called To Be An Artist

What does it mean to have a ‘calling’ as an artist? Who’s calling you? What exactly are you being called to do? Artists aren’t the only ones who feel called. When a person dedicates their career to religion, to God, we say they have a ‘calling.’ And it expands beyond the spiritual. Doctors have callings. …

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Footsteps in the sand

Little-Teeny-Tiny Steps

If I had a nickel for every time I couldn’t move forward because of money, or because there simply wasn’t enough time… but I decided to stop letting those things that I cannot control decide my fate. I decide my own fate; it’s a thing with me. I practice the “little-teeny-tiny bit each day” philosophy, …

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It Was Every Artist’s Dream

It’s every artist’s dream, but I was shocked when it happened to me.  While in Arizona a couple of years ago, I decided to visit the local art museum, Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art (SMoCA). It’s one of my favorite museums in world. When I was the director of a nationally-known fine art lithography and etching studio, SMoCA purchased …

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