Crista Cloutier

Never Stop Doing

The End of Procrastination

Procrastination is a word I often hear artists use. But procrastination can be about more than just postponing tasks and projects. It sometimes becomes a reason to turn on yourself, and bring all of your doubts to the surface. When you procrastinate, it’s easy to beat yourself up, to wonder if you’re too lazy to be …

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Rochelle Johnson

Meet Working Artist Rochelle Johnson

Rochelle Johnson grabs her inspiration from life. Specializing in oils, she brings vibrancy to paintings that communicate the human experience.  Rochelle’s artist journey began like so many artists: at school. “I started off drawing by looking at images in magazines for inspiration. I never really considered myself an artist. But I took art all through …

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Photo of a person's hand with ring that says "fear not"

Are You An Artist-Warrior?

I believe that the best artists are Artist Warriors. But instead of taking up arms, we take up brushes and cameras and clay. Artists are warriors of the spirit. Like any warrior, artists must be tested, must be prepared. You must prove your courage and your commitment. Haven’t you seen this is your own life? …

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Artists in Love

Do you remember the first time that you fell in love with art? I do. I was just registering for college, trying to find who and what I wanted to become. Totally lost, I registered as a pre-law student. Me. Can you imagine? But then everything changed. I was visiting friends in LA who took …

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Artists + Money

Artists and money. We obsess about money. We want more of it. It’s not just artists, it’s our culture at large. But the myth of the artist states that we’ll never have it. And a lot of us buy into that. Why is money so difficult for creators to create? Is it because money isn’t …

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