Crista Cloutier

Portrait of Crista Cloutier

Who Will Save You?

I saw him across the crowded room at the high school reunion. The memories came flooding back. He was my hero, always coming to my rescue.That time that I lost my footing climbing the tall theater ladder to the catwalk, he climbed up and carried me down.When a classmate was too rough with me, he …

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Artist, are you a failure?

What does art-world success look like to you? How do you define failure? If you’re feeling stuck in your art practice because you’re afraid to fail, today’s video is for you. Check it out now and you’ll gain a new perspective on success as an artist. Sometimes a new perspective is all it takes to turn failure …

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Your Muse is Calling

Who is this Muse that we talk about? Where does She come from? What does She want? Is She mythical like a fairy or an elf? Does She have magical powers? Or is She metaphorical in nature? But peril to the artist who ignores Her. Watch the video to learn more about your Muse.   …

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Artist journey

You’re an artist?

I have a question for you: How many times have people told you that as an artist you really need to find “something to fall back on”? It sucks, doesn’t it? The truth is that civilians, those people who aren’t artists, rarely understand the artist’s journey. They’re still holding onto that outdated stereotype of the …

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believe artist

Believe In Yourself

NOTE: I have a super exciting opportunity to share with you. I’m going to France this summer, and you’re invited too! >>> Click here to learn more. <<< It’s not about whether you succeed or fail as an artist. It’s about the kind of person you become as you do the work. Does it make …

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