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My Experience with B-School

When I worked as an art dealer, my schedule was relentless with travel, openings, and sales. I didn’t have time to make my own art. Instead, I wrote all my hopes, dreams and creative aspirations into

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Crista Cloutier and Andrew David Smith

The First Artist I Ever Met

I told Andy about the special place where I ride my bicycle each day. It’s a tiny island in the middle of a pond. I explained how it’s been my destination for years; it’s where I

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Crista Cloutier looking through camera

Do They Like Your Art?

My favorite college professor taught art history. He’d started out life as a photographer, a lifelong dream since he’d mixed his own chemicals in a homemade darkroom under his parents’ stairway. As a young man he’d

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The Artist’s Mantra

There are several definitions of artists that I personally subscribe to, but my favorite is this: artists are alchemists. During the Middle Ages, an alchemist was known as someone who could transform base metals into gold. I

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The Procrastinating Artist

The Procrastinating Artist

Is procrastination preventing you from creating a successful art career? Here’s how to fix it.     Many artists I know (including myself occasionally!) struggle with procrastination. Especially when it comes to doing the boring stuff that

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Two artists dancing in the studio

The Artist’s Dance

We all know artists who do incredible work, but fail to achieve their professional goals. It’s tragic and feels unfair. At the same time, I’ll bet you can also name several artists who enjoy great commercial

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Photo of a starry night painting

To Stop Wishing And Start Doing

For years I wished that I could be a writer and an artist. I wished on every shooting star, straining my neck from the constant upward gaze. I threw a small fortune of pennies into wishing

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Portrait of Art Framer Bill Fielders

Framer to the Stars

Though he called himself “Framer to the Stars,” I never saw any stars in Bill’s Custom Frames. But I did see plenty of artists. Every artist has their favorite framers, and ever since I was in

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Art Student questions

Are you asking yourself these questions?

   Over the years, I’ve worked with hundreds of university art students. They always impress me; eager to learn, explore, and ready to change the world. But they’re also scared and unsure if the world

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Artist wishes

How Artists Make Wishes Come True

 For years, I wished that I could work as an artist. Don’t we all have wishes? We wonder what life would be like, imagining who we might become and what we would have if only….

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International Artists Day

A Special Message For You

 Last Monday we celebrated International Artists Day by meeting up LIVE in my Facebook Group. It was great to see so many artists there and sharing a toast with this beautiful online community. There, I

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