Your Muse is Calling

Who is this Muse that we talk about?

Where does She come from? What does She want?

Is She mythical like a fairy or an elf? Does She have magical powers? Or is She metaphorical in nature?

Yes. Or possibly, no.

The Muse takes on whatever form you feel comfortable with. She’s here for you.

The ancients believed The Muses were goddesses whose role was to inspire artists. I buy that.

But as to the language used to understand your own creative Muse, that’s up to you.

She’s your Muse. It doesn’t matter what you call Her. Or Him. Or It. Or Them.

She’s whatever name you give to that small still voice that drives you to create, urges you forward, and fills you with ideas. She is your guide on this artist’s journey. She believes in you.

But peril to the artist who ignores Her.

Because we all know what happens to artists who ignore their Muse. Don’t we?

So no matter what you believe about your creative spirit, stay open to the messages you receive. Engage with this part of yourself as deeply and as often as you can.

The Muse always rewards those who do.


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