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An Important Question For Artists

Who am I? That’s a question every artist needs to ask themselves often. Because it’s who you are as an artist that will guide you through the ups and downs, twists and turns of this crazy

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Working Artist Woman with Brush

What Did Your Family Think?

Was ‘creativity’ a bad word in your family when you were growing up? Or was it a badge of honor? What did you do with the knowledge, with that recognition of your true self? What did

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More Interesting Questions.

I met him as I was taking my daily stroll through the city. An artist painting the landscape. I stopped to chat, as I do, and take a few pictures of a working artist at work. He

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Portrait of Crista Cloutier filming videos

Starting To Fly

Launch. The very word made me queasy. What was a launch anyway? And why does everyone have one but me? “But didn’t you already launch?” ask well-meaning friends. Did I? Fate intervened, as she does, and

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Portrait of an artist named Henrik

The Start Of His Journey

His name was Henrik. He’d been an artist in Hungary until he faced the stark reality that there were no opportunities there. London has the biggest art market in Europe so, like many of us, Henrik

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Do You Believe?

I think it’s in an artist’s nature to have faith in the unknown, to deal with intangibles. After all, we work from nothing more than an idea and a dream. It takes faith to actualize the

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Can You Hear Me Now?

When I worked in the art business I talked on the telephone constantly.  So much for the glamorous life, who knew that cauliflower ear was an occupational hazard for art dealers? But I was moving and

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Illustration with me written inside the head

What’s Your Story?

Though we’d never met before, I was just as excited as if I were meeting an old friend. She’d read my blog post about the first artist I ever met. He was a blind man, who

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salt and pepper shakers hugging

Don’t Wait Until You Say Goodbye

I’ve just returned from the funeral of my dear friend Evan. Saying good-bye has got to be one of the most difficult challenges we face in life, especially when we look back and see how much

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Portrait of Artist Donna Skaropoulou

Meet Working Artist Donna Skaropoulou

Donna Skaropoulou is a painter.  Originally from the U.K., she traveled to Greece in her early twenties, and there fell in love with the sounds, scents and colors of Mykonos. She stayed: married, had children, and

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illustration of an angel in a keyhole

My Landlady is an Angel

I’d moved to England three years earlier, living in a small town in the country. It was pretty, but also pretty lonely. Facebook was my closest friend. And it was on Facebook that I first met

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The Wise 11-Year Old Artist

My nephew Phoenix turned 11-years old yesterday, though I’ve always secretly suspected him of being 41. I’m visiting to help him celebrate his 11 years and see what new things he can teach me. He didn’t

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Men Like Him

He thought his career was over. Bill Jay had been a professor of the History of Photography. He’d published dozens of books and hundreds of articles. He’d founded two majorly influential photography magazines. He’d travelled, given

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Portrait of Artist Leslie Jean-Bart

Meet Working Artist Leslie Jean-Bart

“Becoming a working artist has literally saved my life.” So admits Haitian-born photographer Leslie Jean-Bart. Now an avowed New Yorker, Leslie has spent the past few years as the sole caretaker of his mother who suffers

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