Starting To Fly

Launch. The very word made me queasy.

What was a launch anyway? And why does everyone have one but me?

“But didn’t you already launch?” ask well-meaning friends. Did I?

Fate intervened, as she does, and just as I was grappling with the very concept of launches, the launch guru himself, Jeff Walker, released his book titled… wait for it… “Launch.” I earmarked every page.

Newly inspired, I decided to create a series of videos addressing the challenges faced by all artists.  To tell the truth, it wasn’t that difficult. Where ever I go, life puts artists in my path and the one question I always ask them is “What are your biggest challenges?”

So when I filmed the videos, I didn’t have to work to think up material. I simply repeated conversations I’d already had – conversations with artists about time management, about branding, self-confidence, overcoming fears, and about marketing.

Soon, I’ll be launching The Working Artist and I’ll start by sharing these free artist training videos. Be sure you are signed up for my mailing list because I think you’ll like them.

According to the dictionary, LAUNCH means: To set or thrust into motion. But to me, to LAUNCH means starting to fly! Thank you for flying with me!

Crista x

p.s. This behind-the-scenes photo is from one of the video shoots. That’s right, I was barefoot. I’m actually barefoot in all the videos. You can dress me up, but I’ll always be a bohemian at heart.


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