What Did Your Family Think?

Working Artist Woman with BrushWas ‘creativity’ a bad word in your family when you were growing up? Or was it a badge of honor?

What did you do with the knowledge, with that recognition of your true self? What did you do with your calling as a Creative Being?

Did you proudly stand up and claim it?

Did you hide it away, afraid of the judgments of others?

Did you fear it, aware of how it set you apart and made you different?

You see, I don’t believe that being an artist is as easy as just putting on the beret.

Being an artist is more than snapping pictures or slapping paint onto canvas. Being an artist isn’t signified by accolades and sales. It goes much deeper than all that.

Because being an artist is about being who you are.

And no one else gets to decide if you’re an artist or not.

Not your family. Not galleries. Not museums.


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