The Wise 11-Year Old Artist

My nephew Phoenix turned 11-years old yesterday, though I’ve always secretly suspected him of being 41.

I’m visiting to help him celebrate his 11 years and see what new things he can teach me. He didn’t disappoint.

“I’ve learned how to knit!” Phoenix announced proudly as he showed me his beautiful handiwork. He creates hair accessories and gifted me with a pretty red bow fastened to a barrette. I’m wearing it now.

I always knew Phoenix was an artist. But imagine how proud I was to discover that he’s a Working Artist!

He’d created an Etsy shop for his wares. And a Twitter account. He’d learned how to promote his work well.

Even more impressive, he’d researched what others with similar products were selling their work for and set his prices accordingly. He took into account time and materials. He found out what the shipping rates would be and figured out packaging. I was impressed.

Phoenix shared his business philosophy with me, “I believe in under-promising and over-delivering.” To that end, he created a discount coupon for returning customers.

He’s even cut a future deal with a classmate who makes soap, taking a commission on her sales in his shop.

I asked what would happen if his hair accessories became suddenly popular and sold out?

“That’s not a problem,” Phoenix assured me gravely. “I’m committed to spending every Saturday in the studio creating new inventory and expanding my range.”

I’ve worked with a lot of wonderful artists in my career, but I don’t think I’ve ever been more proud.

Visit Phoenix’s Hair Duds on Etsy. And keep on eye on this one, I think this could be just the beginning.


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