Who Will Save You?

I saw him across the crowded room at the high school reunion. The memories came flooding back.

He was my hero, always coming to my rescue.That time that I lost my footing climbing the tall theater ladder to the catwalk, he climbed up and carried me down.When a classmate was too rough with me, he suddenly appeared at my defense as he karate-chopped my tormentor.

When my ride home from work failed to appear and left me stranded, out of nowhere a motorcycle roared up. Once again, I recognized my hero straight away.

But when I introduced myself to him at the reunion, he didn’t remember me at all. “I’m sorry,” He smiled politely. Not a clue.

I was mortified.

Until I asked him to tell me about his life since high school.

He explained that he’s made a career out of traveling the world to lead search and rescue missions.

Search and rescue, of course!

I realized that all those times he played the hero didn’t have anything to do with me. He was probably rescuing kittens and other girls at the same time.

Because rescuing people was about him – That’s who he was.

And I thought about you and me and other artists. I’ve always believed that art isn’t just something we do. It’s who we are.

What would happen if we followed the breadcrumbs of our lives backwards? Would we find that the seeds of our inner artist were there all along?

I know I would. Would you?

At the reunion, my friends and I spoke about what we’ve learned about happiness over the years.

I’ve learned that happiness is about being more of oneself. Happiness is being able to experience our true nature, our true self, more deeply. That’s why happiness is an inside job. It comes from inside and moves out, not from the outside in.

My friend found happiness through rescuing people because that’s his true nature.

But what about you? Are you embracing your true nature?

If not, don’t waste another minute waiting for someone else to rescue you.

Be your own hero.

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