How To Achieve Your Art Dreams Instantly

So you say that you’ve been telling The Universe exactly what your art dreams are for quite some time now.

You’ve spelled them out.

You’ve also created a time line and check sheet for The Universe’s convenience.

But it still ain’t happening.

And you’re starting to get a little impatient.

Try this instead: Identify what it is that you desire so much, what it is you’re itching to achieve, then think about how it would FEEL to have it.

What FEELINGS are you hoping to experience as a result of this dream?

Get really clear about exactly what you’re searching for on an emotional level. Because it’s from here that you’ll know what you really, really want.


  • Identify the goal.
  • Next, close your eyes and imagine how you’ll FEEL when you achieve it.

For instance, a lot of artists tell me that their goal is to earn one million dollars a year. But when I ask them to go deeper with that dream, and question WHY, or in other words, what is it they want to FEEL, they discover that they’re really looking to FEEL POWERFUL in a market that often leaves artists struggling with anxiety.

It’s not about the money, it’s about the FEELINGS that money (in the form of sales) would bring.

When you focus on how you want to FEEL, and acknowledge where you’re experiencing those FEELINGS now, then LIFE begins changing pretty quickly. It’s like instant magic.

For example, if I’m wishing to increase my income, I might CHOOSE TO FEEL:

  • Prosperous. To me, prosperity feels like flow, not struggle. It feels big, not small. It feels generous. I love how I FEEL when I imagine myself prosperous.
  • Powerful. To have a greater income stream makes me FEEL as if I can make my decisions from a place of power, not fear nor anxiety.
  • Grace. This is my favorite feeling of all. Because when I FEEL grace-full, I imagine it as ease, as magical, as allowing The Universe to surprise me while I just go along for the ride.

Once you have identified HOW YOU WANT TO FEEL, step into it.

Ask yourself, how would it FEEL to be prosperous from your artwork?

And where in your life do you FEEL PROSPEROUS right now?

Can you be grateful for what you do have instead of focusing on what you don’t?

What’s it like to FEEL POWERFUL?

Power lives inside of you, you know. Not in your bank account, not in other people’s opinions. It’s in you.

Find your power inside of yourself and FEEL it. Own it.

And grace?

Look around. Grace is everywhere. It’s the exquisite feeling of connectedness to the world that surrounds you, and even beyond. It’s moving through life with ease. It’s the root of the word ‘gratitude.’


Your job is to connect with these feelings, with your bliss, to simply show up and ACT AS IF you’ve already achieved them. Because, in fact, these feelings are already yours.

Once you step into them, once you begin working with them by acting AS IF, just watch how fast your life transforms.

Can you FEEL it?


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