Meet Working Artist Wendi Schneider

Portrait of Artist Wendi Schneider“I create because I must. It’s the joy and flow of making work that fulfills me and keeps me somewhat sane.”

Wendi Schneider is no stranger to the artistic life. It’s in her blood and surrounds nearly every facet of her world.

Her mother, grandmother and great-grandmother were all painters. Her education focused on painting and art history. The walls of Wendi’s home are a chorus of family artwork heirlooms and a collection of some of her photographic heroes, including primarily historic Pictorialist Camera Work photogravures, vintage platinum prints, and contemporary photographic works she admires.

Wendi’s professional journeys have also followed creative fields—from photographing the lush pages of Victoria magazine and nearly 100 book covers, to design and art direction. Throughout her varied career paths, Wendi intermittently sold her own artwork.

“In 2010, I reconnected with the gallery in New Orleans that began representing me in the late ‘80s, and immediately knew that I wanted to begin to transition back into the fine art world where I began, to be doing work completely for myself, even though I enjoyed working within the parameters of an assignment,” she explained.

Wendi said that she was ultimately drawn to The Working Artist course because of Crista’s enthusiasm and energy. She noted, “It’s Crista’s innate desire for everyone to succeed that’s so powerful.”

As Wendi will tell you, when you’ve spent most of your career creating work for others, it can be daunting to talk about or write about yourself. Introverted by nature, she also found it terrifying to attend openings and confidently strike up conversations with art world decision-makers.

Wendi credits The Working Artist with helping her compose an artist statement that she felt good about. And through Crista’s support and validation (along with plenty of real life practice!), Wendi eventually worked past her fears.

In fact, as Wendi continues to build her confidence, more opportunities arrive. She’s now a board member of the Colorado Photographic Arts Center and jurying photographic exhibitions. She enjoys connecting people, sharing their work and helping others on their journeys.

Since taking The Working Artist Masterclass in 2014, Wendi’s artistic trajectory has been nothing short of jaw-dropping. The last five years have garnered over 30+ awards and published articles, more than 80 group shows and three solo exhibitions with more solos coming up this year. Wendi is consistently selling her art and is represented by three well-respected galleries, with other galleries showing her work as well.

When she reflects on her experience with the course, Wendi summarized, “The Working Artist is Crista’s gift to those trying to find a fulfilling and sustainable life in the arts. Crista generously shares her experience, expertise and enthusiasm to help you develop a working path with passion, self discovery, support and joy.”

And speaking of joy, we invite you to step into the luminous, otherworldly realms that Wendi Schneider’s artwork conjures. Look for the quiet, organic flora and fauna; or the misty, spare landscapes that seem to harbor their own inner light; or, a bird caught with all of its reflective feathered plumes in midair—these are the dream-laden moments Wendi creates that you’ll want to dwell in.

Visit www.wendischneider.com to immerse yourself.


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