Meet Working Artist Summer Lydick

Summer Lydick is a Working Artist.

After receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in drawing and a Master of Arts in painting, Summer continued her work in fine art while developing The Painted Wall, a decorative painting business. There, she created large-scale public and private murals and plaster finishes for homes and corporate offices.

Summer began as an abstract painter, but has found her true voice in her current work, which centers on the “spiritual simplicity of the mandala.”

Summer found The Working Artist at just the right time in her career. She and her partner, also a painter, were both just beginning to stretch their wings as career artists when they discovered the course. “Crista came swooping in with the answers we needed at just the right time.”

Through taking The Working Artist, Summer was able to clearly see the steps she needed to take to become a successful working artist. “Every morning is like Christmas morning now! We wake up so FIRED up about our possibilities as artists.”

The Working Artist helped her see that her work is her brand. “We’re artists! We make art! We have a unique product to sell, so now we’re salesmen. And suddenly the business of art is like any other business model.”

In addition to building her website, and participating in local and regional art exhibitions in Texas, Summer is focused on building her inventory.  And she recently created a pop-up exhibition of her work in conjunction with a public reading by author Elizabeth Gilbert in Miami.

Because of the lessons she learned through The Working Artist, Summer understands that possibilities are all around her. “It’s SO EASY now to see the big picture!”

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