Featured Artists

Meet Working Artist Nick Levitin

Photographer Nick Levitin’s first love was the theater. Freshly graduated from Boston University, he returned to New York City in the early 70s to begin his artistic journey as an actor. He also came back to the big city with a camera. Nick carried it with him everywhere. He took great pleasure shooting documentary style photos […]

From Sweatshop to Art Studio

Thailand is a place known around the globe for its immense natural beauty, distinctive cuisine and a land punctuated by farmland and rice fields. But what about Thailand as a place known for galleries and art? Thai painter Ta Thimkaeo says, “Here in Thailand, art isn’t viewed the same way as it is in other […]

This Artist Was Homeless, Until Art Saved Him.

Picture this: trying to start an artistic life with a new spouse, while living inside a tiny caravan. Regardless of the obstacles, things start taking off. You even secure an art agent. But the agent steals all of your work, your personal belongings and the caravan. Now, imagine being rendered completely homeless, with no money […]

Meet Working Artist Parker Beaudoin

“I’ve become known as The Heart Man. There’s even a heart tattooed right here on the center of my neck,” says the Florida-based painter, gallery owner and tattoo artist Parker Beaudoin cheerfully. As an artist with over 20 years of business experience in the tattoo industry, his newest fine art gallery venture touting the altruistic name […]

Meet Working Artist Wendi Schneider

“I create because I must. It’s the joy and flow of making work that fulfills me and keeps me somewhat sane.” Wendi Schneider is no stranger to the artistic life. It’s in her blood and surrounds nearly every facet of her world. Her mother, grandmother and great-grandmother were all painters. Her education focused on painting and […]

Meet Artist Ann Dunbar

Artist Ann Dunbar says that one of her earliest art memories was having her first painting of a horse framed and proudly hung in the kitchen by her parents. Despite the support from her family, as an adult Ann still lacked confidence as an artist and belief in herself. Though she attended art college, she’d […]

Meet Artist Wayne Brungard

Wayne Brungard is a self-taught metal artist and experienced fabricator. He creates bold custom art that defines space. However Wayne’s journey to becoming a sculptor, from turning his craft into art, took over 40 years and it’s not been an easy path. Having focused, for the majority of those 40 years, on commissioned work, moving […]

Meet Working Artist Tami Bensen

Tami Bensen is an intuitive artist. Working without a plan, her art is about letting go. She paints what comes to her organically, which often reflects those things found in nature. More recently, Tami has been focusing on water colors that derive from crystals. Her latest series was inspired by an eclipse of the moon and […]

Meet Working Artist Donna Skaropoulou

Donna Skaropoulou is a painter.  Originally from the U.K., she traveled to Greece in her early twenties, and there fell in love with the sounds, scents and colors of Mykonos. She stayed: married, had children, and it wasn’t until 2005 that she opened her gallery and studio Lifeline Art Studio. Donna became aware of The […]

Meet Working Artist Leslie Jean-Bart

“Becoming a working artist has literally saved my life.” So admits Haitian-born photographer Leslie Jean-Bart. Now an avowed New Yorker, Leslie has spent the past few years as the sole caretaker of his mother who suffers from dementia. But Leslie has always been an artist. His background includes a Master’s Degree in Journalism from Columbia […]