Unique Art sign photo by Crista Cloutier

Is Your Art Making You Wealthy?

“But Crista,” the artist asked, “How can I make a living from my art?” “I wanna be wealthy! I wanna live on a beach! I wanna be dripping in jewels! And I want my art to pay for all of it!” Then I reply with something that artist Kiki Smith once told me: “Your art doesn’t exist to support …

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Photo of a person's hand with ring that says "fear not"

Are You An Artist-Warrior?

I believe that the best artists are Artist Warriors. But instead of taking up arms, we take up brushes and cameras and clay. Artists are warriors of the spirit. Like any warrior, artists must be tested, must be prepared. You must prove your courage and your commitment. Haven’t you seen this is your own life? …

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Every Artist Makes This Choice

  Is your life’s journey a true expression of your self? Too many people just follow what’s right in front of them, without discernment. They choose what’s easy and available. They don’t realize that we can create our own lives. I think that’s why the public is so fascinated by the lives of artists. We’re …

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On your mark. Get set. Go!

I’m always encouraging artists to JUMP. But what does that even mean? The jump is about following your heart. If you recognize your heart as the very best of yourself, and you acknowledge that this is where your creativity comes from, you can trust your heart to lead. Don’t confuse your heart with your head. …

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Photo of an artist's hand

What Is An Artist?

I went all the way to France to write my book. But that didn’t make it any easier. Chapter One. Page One. The bright white of the paper glared accusingly. How do I begin?   At the café, the proprietor noticed the blank notebook and my heavy sighs. He asked what was I writing? I …

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Believe In Yourself

It’s not about whether you succeed or fail as an artist. It’s about the kind of person you become as you do the work. Does it make you feel more authentic? Are you coming from a place of integrity? Do you share generously? Are you grateful? And most importantly, are you actually making art, good …

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Who Do You Think You Are?

Who do you think you are? How many of us are afraid to say who we are and what we want? Afraid of disappointing our parents, our friends, lovers, colleagues? Almost every artist battles the accusing echoes, “Who do you think you are to be an artist?” We’re afraid we don’t deserve to wear the …

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