art marketing

The Value of Art

As much as our culture marginalizes art and artists, as much as it dismisses our efforts, and scorns our value to society, our culture also happens to hold art in very high regard. Think about it. What holds the highest records for anything ever sold at auction? Is it cars? No. Jewels? No. It’s art. …

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Fridge magnets saying 'Never Stop Doing'

How Artists Find Their Brand

“It’s really easy to work as an artist!” said no one, ever. Most artists are really challenged when it comes to marketing their own work. Are you? Maybe you can’t place your finger on what your style is? Maybe you play in more than one medium? It’s difficult to package something that feels so elusive …

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This is art written in grafitti

Art Marketing

What’s the best way to approach art marketing? That’s an excellent question! Too many artists like to make the work but they stop there. They don’t want to delve into the world of art marketing because it can be overwhelming and confusing Allow me to break it down and show you the ins and outs …

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