What the World Needs Now

Do you know what I think the world really needs?

It needs a sense of its connection.

The connection is already there, it’s the totality of all we are.

But we, the citizens of this world, need to sense it – to become attuned to our connections. We need to give energy to those places we share, honoring the humanity in one another.

That’s what art can do.

Connections are vital to our survival, on both a personal and global level. If the people of Planet Earth do not immediately understand that we are truly in this together, we will not survive. Connection is that important.

Connections are also what drive creativity. Steve Jobs said that’s what creativity is, just making connections.

How do you create those connections? Through your curiosity.
Artists are endlessly curious because this is where ideas come from. Connections.

So look for those connections throughout your day. Whenever you connect with another human, take a moment to make it meaningful – to make a connection. Be curious about them.

When you see beauty, notice it. Make that connection.

When you create art, connect with your craft and your ideas. Then share your work so it can connect with an audience.

This is what the world needs.


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