Why Artists Don’t Need Something To Fall Back On


I’m always telling artists to jump, to take a leap of faith. Faith in themselves, faith in their work.

But it’s not always pretty, the jump is rarely a graceful leap from one side to another.

Superstar artist Kiki Smith once told me that choosing to be an artist feels like choosing to be in a freefall for the rest of your life.

And it’s true. Right?

We’ve all been told to have “something to fall back on.” But I don’t want to fall back. When I fall, I want to fall forward toward my dreams and ambitions, not away from them.

Jumping is that first fall forward. It’s blindly heeding the voice that urges follow this.

Understand that the jump is bigger than you. And this is a good thing.

Consider your creative work in terms of the energy it’s in service to.

That’s your purpose. And your purpose will hold your hand on this leap of faith. Believe in your purpose. When you’re in trouble, call upon it.

Because going alone makes for rough landings. It’s difficult to chart the artist’s course of ups and downs when you’re navigating solely with your ego.

The truth is, on this artist’s journey you will fall down. You will fail. You will work for free. You will make mistakes. You will make a fool of yourself – if you’re like me, probably several times.

But each time you stumble and get back up again, you’ll receive a new feather. And it’s with the wings you’re building that you will one day fly.

So take that jump, artist. Take that jump.


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