At the start of this year, I invited a small group of artists to undertake a Vision Quest with me.

We worked closely together over the course of several weeks and it was amazing to watch the powerful changes that transpired.

At the end of the Vision Quest, the artists interviewed one another about their work and art practice. They were marvelous and I am so proud. I wanted to share some of these interviews with you, starting with Michael Pierre Price.

Michael works at the intersection of neuroscience, physics, spirituality, and art. His imagery is imaginative, otherworldly, and beautiful.

Perhaps you remember the video I shared a few months ago where Michael led a seminar on Artificial Intelligence and its impact on the art world? Everyone was blown away by the images and the information he shared.

In this video, Michael speaks about his own journey as an artist as he shares his work. His message for other artists is simple, “If you play it safe, you’ll never really grow to the level that you can.”

It’s my pleasure to introduce you to the wonderful Working Artist, Michael Pierre Price.



PS. To learn more about Michael and his thought provoking art, visit his website here.
PS. I am creating a new Vision Quest group for the autumn. If you’re interested in applying, visit the website here. 
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