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The Working Artist
Vision Quest

Are You Ready to Journey to the Next Level?

your (he)art is calling...

...but are you listening?

The Vision Quest will  lead you on an incredible adventure as you joyfully create the work and life that you en-vision 

Do any of these sound familiar?

" I've been making art for years, but... "

...i'm stuck & confused

No matter how much advice I follow or tactics I try, nothing seems to move the needle. I'm not making progress and I feel really frustrated.

...i See Other Artists Achieve Success, Why Not Me?

I'm ashamed to feel jealous of others but I'm not where I should be. I know that I have greater potential than this. Why am I not there? And how much time do I have left?

...i have a big idea, but i need support!

There's a creative project I know I need to bring to life - but I'm struggling to find the confidence, time and discipline to make it happen.

...I am Tired of working in Solitude

I need feedback, other eyes on my work. I want to share my ideas to know whether they're sound or not before I run into another dead-end. It's so hard to walk this path alone.



Welcome To

the working artist

Vision Quest

An intimate group of artists curated to support and guide you towards the achievement of your creative vision.

receive profound clarity

Move past the confusion and overwhelm as you take powerful and decisive steps forward.

Connect with other artists in meaningful ways

There's nothing more powerful than an Artist Community. This small gathering will be here to see you, hear you, and support you - and your work.

Evolve into the artist you're meant to be

You'll find yourself gracefully getting sh*t done, doing it well, and doing it your way as your energy transforms into a new mental, emotional and creative space.

you'll be guided on this journey

You'll be working one-on-one with Crista and you'll also have support from your wonderful group of peers. You don't have to do it alone anymore.

Here's what artists like you have to say about their Vision Quest:

"What I've gotten out of the Vision Quest has been mammoth - even miraculous! I owe so much to this group."
Laura Shape
Invasive Animal Species Artist
"I’ve worked with other coaches before but Crista really has a way of connecting and establishing trust. She taught us how to spread our wings and fly.”
Kiki Jones
Abstract Painter
“Crista is highly qualified to guide artists looking to explore who they are and what their art may be; especially if they are looking to move forward in some way that might be challenging."
Michael Pierre Price
Digital Artist
“I’ve been involved with other artist groups but there was something about this artist group… we just seemed to get each other. There was a synergy.”
Kadira Jennings
Contemporary Artist
"I was hesitant to call myself an artist... but now, I've spoken with other artist friends and told them how powerful the Vision Quest was for me.”
Ruth rollason
Multi Media Artist
“Jump! Just do it! Don’t hold back. It could be the best thing you’ve ever done… It could speed up your art career trajectory by 10 years, maybe more! I found this program incredibly enlightening and confirming”
Helen Fraser
Multi Media Artist

Next Cohort Begins

February 11th, 2024

Exact Days + Time To Be Determined for Everyone’s Convenience.

You will meet one-on-one with me before we begin gathering as a group. 

Then we will all meet together once each week for 10 weeks. 

You’ll have another one-on-one with me afterward for continued support as you soar.

What happens on The Vision Quest?

Watch Helen's testimonial:

Hi, I'm Crista Cloutier and I'll be your Guide.

Over the past three decades, I’ve created a successful multi-faceted international career in the world of contemporary art. 

I’ve led groups of artists and other creatives through workshops, courses and powerful retreats internationally, including groups hosted by the American Society of Museum Directors, Dow Jones, and UK’s University of Creative Arts.

Both online and in-person, I’ve mentored thousands of art students, as well as both emerging and established artists.

I’ve collaborated with blue-chip artists in the studio, resulting in work that now lives in nearly every major US public art collection.

My experience has given me unique insights into art and recently led to me being honored as a ‘Key Influencer in the Contemporary Art World‘ by LinkedIn.

Through this Vision Quest, I will offer inspired guidance, motivation and direction as you fully unleash your creative power. 

Here's What Other Artists Say...

“Working with Crista was well worth the time and the money. It was a small group but one of the most rewarding times I’ve spent with other artists. We learned so much and we got to know each other in a real way. I feel like I am a better person for having experienced this. A better artist.”
mary morgan
"Crista has a joy and a knowledge of art that’s rare to see in someone who has as much professional experience as she does. Working with her is a meaningful way to take your artistic journey to the next level. It’s going to change you, whether you expect it to or not.”
Laura Williams
“If you play it safe, you’ll never really grow to the level that you can.”
Michael Pierre Price
Digital Artist
Crista simultaneously calms and challenges artists who have something to contribute - but are perhaps nervous about the what and the how. With immense charm hiding her steely determination, she creates opportunities for artists to both shine and build confidence. She helps others be the very best they can be through their creative activities. She is a remarkable woman!
Max Comfort
Author and Artist
“Crista’s teachings helped me rediscover my artistic voice and how to reexamine my entire body of work. Her methods have a way of cutting through to pin-point your stumbling blocks. She helped me uncover what I was really trying to say with my art at a time when I felt like I had forgotten how to even speak about my work.”
Karen Jilly
"Crista is always the class favorite. It’s not just that she is incredibly experienced and profoundly knowledgeable. Her unique talent is to reveal the realities, pitfalls and frustrations in the path ahead – yet do so in a way that emboldens emerging artists to take them on with smarts and passion. I have no doubt that she has cut years off the learning curves of countless artists – and propelled a great many to success with her clear navigational guidance.”
Matt Lehrman
Professor, Arizona State University

Watch Michael's testimonial:


A 3 month group adventure, through Zoom, where you’ll be led to clarify a compelling vision for your artistic career, ignite your creative motivation and take massive steps forward with the support of an experienced art expert and like-minded peers.

Each week, you’ll attend the Group Call which usually runs for 90-120 minutes and complete your personal assignment which should take no more than 1-2 hours.

Attendance is mandatory. We will try to accommodate any time conflicts you might have.

Every meaningful goal we set requires personal transformation. In order to achieve your desire, you must become it by doing the work. In this way, our goals are really about the changes and growth you experience as you undergo the challenges.

In a Vision Quest, we ritualize the journey. We focus on the destination. We create flow as opposed to struggle. It’s a guided coaching group for soulful artists who are serous about their path.

Within your Quest Group, there will be 3, 4 or 5 other artists who have been hand-selected by Crista to be a great match for you in terms of personality, goals and career stage. These artists will become your creative tribe.

Most artists who undertake The Vision Quest have some experience under their belt. This is not a program for beginners. However, It doesn’t matter exactly where you are in your journey – you’ll be carefully matched with a small group of peers who will challenge, inspire and support you in the perfect ways.

Each week, you’ll be invited to take part in an intimate and highly interactive viideo Zoom call for the artists in your group.

During these calls, you’ll have the chance to learn and receive personal feedback from Crista, share your work, ask questions and watch your practice evolve as you begin to see things differently..

All artists are expected to attend each of the calls. If you absolutely cannot make it, we will try to re-schedule around you.

It’s completely different. I developed The Vision Quest after receiving many requests for private coaching sessions. My one-on-one sessions are expensive, so I’ve created a more affordable package that provides a guided journey, one-on-one sessions, and a powerfully focused group experience.

choose your plan:


If accepted, you’ll be be able to select the payment option that works for you:

pay in full

One Time Payment USD


pay monthly

6 Monthly Payments USD


What happens on my free call with Crista?
This is an opportunity to have Crista look at your work and talk about your dreams. She’ll ask questions and you can ask questions too. Together, we can decide if this is the best way forward for you. No pressure, just an exchange.

ready to join?

Here’s what happens next:

Step 1

The Vision Quest will be comprised of a carefully curated group of artists. To make sure it’s a match made in (artistic) heaven, schedule a Discovery Call with Crista for a chat. No pressure! Let’s see where you’re at and what questions you have.

Step 2

If the match is confirmed, Crista will invite you to join the Vision Quest and send you the registration link.

Step 3

Review and sign the contract, make payment (either in full or using the monthly payment plan) and your personal Vision Quest will begin!

You’ll be invited to schedule your One-on-One Visioning Session with Crista and take the first step in this powerfully transformational experience.

they call me 'the artist whisperer'

I will share with you all the tools and support you need to complete this Vision Quest. I will show up with an open heart and mind for our one-on-ones and within the group. I will create meaningful experiences. You will be seen and heard. You will be challenged to look at new ways of working. And I will offer the best care and guidance that my experience offers.


Your Working Artist Vision Quest includes:

  • An initial one-on-one 60 minute intensive Visioning Session with me (value $600 each)
  • Plus 10 x 90+ minute group sessions
  • Intentional added value
  • I will share my resources  
  • I will teach you how to use powerful techniques that I’ve used myself
  • And you will end your Vision Quest with another one-on-one 60 minute intensive session to seal your success and move forward.

    You are not alone, Artist. ❤️
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