The Truth About Success For Artists


Artist, you cannot fail.

What if that were true? What would you do differently if you knew that artists can’t ever fail?

Well, guess what? It is true. 

It’s a success just to be an artist.

To do the work, to own who you are.

The only thing you can fail at is failing to try. Because by not even trying, you have failed yourself.

“But Crista!,” you cry.  ”It’s hard work!”

Yes, it is. And it’s probably the hardest part about being an artist.

Our dreams always take work. But they’re so worth it.

“But  Crista!” you ask, “What if I never make it as an artist?” 

What is ‘making it as an artist’ anyway?

Stop looking for outside validation to reach success, and just be who you are. Do what you are meant to be doing.

Listen, taking that jump, giving this art thing a try, will rarely bring you where you think it will anyway.

Stop dictating your agenda to life. Make goals, yes. Set intentions, yet.

Do the work, most definitely.

But let go of your need to know everything and to control outcomes.

Watch the magic that happens when you let your art take you on a wonderful, wild adventure. That is success.

Take that jump, artist.

Just try.


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Working in the international world of contemporary art, Crista Cloutier has spent her career selling art and marketing art to art galleries, museums and private collections. 

Using her professional experiences, Crista has created The Working Artist Masterclass, where she’s developed a global reputation as an artist’s coach. Crista can teach you how to be an artist; including how to sell your art, how to sell art online, how to sell photographs, how to price your art, how to succeed at art fairs, and even how to find your art style. 

Crista has worked with established, blue-chip artists to raise their profile and attract greater opportunities. And she’s also helped thousands of emerging artists to build a professional art practice. To learn more, visit https://theworkingartist.com

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