To Stop Wishing And Start Doing

For years I wished that I could be a writer and an artist.

I wished on every shooting star, straining my neck from the constant upward gaze.

I threw a small fortune of pennies into wishing wells.

I’ve got bad posture from the persistent search for four-leaf clovers.

Imagine what life would be like if I wrote and made pictures for a living? I wish I could have that life.

It seemed so out-of-reach, so unavailable to me. Maybe that sort of thing happens to other people who had the education, the money, the support, the opportunities and the talent that I could only wish for.

It was when I finally decided to be a writer and an artist that my real journey began.

As writer Scott Adams says, “Wishing starts in the mind and generally stays there.”

When you decide however, you take action.

You get a lot more clear about what it would look like.

You acknowledge the price you have to pay to achieve it.

And then you begin taking the steps. Even if they’re baby steps.

I believe that wishes have energy. I believe that wishes exist to show you what’s really possible. Those siren songs that whisper to your heart reveal what you’re truly capable of achieving.

If you can wish it, you can do it.

There’s only one thing a wish needs to become real.

A decision.

So are you going to decide to make your wishes come true?

The decision is yours, if you wish.


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