When I worked as an art dealer, my schedule was relentless with travel, openings, and sales. I didn’t have time to make my own art.
Instead, I wrote all my dreams and creative aspirations into a journal.

At the time, I was afraid my dreams were too big. In fact, they seemed impossible.
But guess what?

As I re-read those same journals today, I see that I’m living those very dreams I aspired to. 

  • I own my time and energy

  • I live in Europe

  • I’ve built a global career as an artist 

  • I’ve helped others to do the same  

How did I change my life? What’s my secret to success?
Marie Forleo and B-school.

Watch this video to learn why Marie has had such a huge influence on me. 

I’ve seen her work have profound impact on artists around the world. She’s the real thing.

And she might just be the secret you’ve been waiting for.
Crista x

The doors to B-School will be open until July 28th. After that, doors will close until next year.

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