The Working Artist VISION QUEST


Picture this:

  • You’ve found your balance between making art and sharing it. 
  • You feel clear about your future and you’re taking meaningful steps forward.
  • You have clients and supporters who value your talent.
  • Your work is recognized and rewarded.
“How did you do it?’ others will ask in admiration of your achievements.
“I had a vision,” you’ll explain. “And I undertook a quest to attain it.”

And you’ll smile as you think of us, your trusted Artist Tribe. You’ll remember how we kept you on track and accountable. How we challenged you. How we supported you. How we held real space for you through growth and changes as you became the artist you envisioned. 

It was a small group but one of the most rewarding times I’ve spent with other artists. We learned so much and we got to know each other in a real way. I feel like I am a better person for having experienced this.”                   Mary Morgan, TX

You are the Painter. 
You are the Canvas. 
This is your life. 
Make it Art.

“Working with Crista was an unexpectedly profound experience. She has a joy and a knowledge of art that’s rare to see in someone who has as much professional experience as she does.

Working with her is a meaningful way to take your artistic journey to the next level. It’s going to change you, whether you expect it to or not.”       Laura Williams, Tennessee

On this Vision Quest, you will:
  • Set an intention toward your vision
  • Share your work in ways that it’s truly seen
  • Connect with a tribe of others who understand the unique challenges of the artist’s journey
  • Learn to manage your time, your energy, and your money in beautiful new ways
  • Enjoy the quest as you achieve your vision

“Working with Crista was amazing. She’s a wonderful person. Not only does she speak French, but she also speaks ART. She was able to guide me and helped me find a path to where my art is going to go.”           

Billy Walker, BC Canada



Every artist who completes the Vision Quest will be invited to the South of France to come together in celebration.

Here we’ll dive in even deeper. We’ll ritualize your achievements and prepare for your journey ahead.
And best of all, we will show your work. We’ll meet in France to host an art exhibition for ourselves. We’ll meet local artists and gallerists and curators as we prepare our show.
I know that not everyone is able to leave home and travel to France. So, this trip is optional. I’ll share more details later. But I had to mention this opportunity because it’s going to be very special.
And it all begins with The Working Artist Vision Quest.

“Working with Crista is well worth the time, the money, and the journey for any artist.

It was an amazing process. It taught me who I am as an artist. It affected my art practice in that it helped me to find more confidence in myself and my painting. It also showed me what decisions I needed to make in order to follow my highest creative path.”          Mary Morgan, TX

What are the details?
Upon joining The Working Artist Vision Quest you’ll have a private hour-long session with Crista. This is where we’ll look at your vision and map your quest.
Beginning on February 19th, our group will meet on the following Sundays:
  • February 19, 25(Saturday)
  • March 5, 19, 26
  • April 1 (Saturday), 16, 23
  • May 7
The Vision Quest Group will meet at 7pm UTC
 find your time here

The French celebration retreat is tentatively scheduled May 22 through 28th. More information to be shared later.

 “I’ve worked with other coaches before but Crista really has a way of connecting and establishing trust. She created a safe environment for all of us in the group.

She taught us how to spread our wings and fly.”       Kiki Jones, Hawaii 

This package includes
I want you to create a joyful and thriving art practice so I’m giving you all the tools and support you need to complete this Vision Quest. 
  • I will show up with an open heart and mind for our time together, our one-on-one, and within the group. 
  • I will create meaningful experiences. 
  • I will share powerful tools that I’ve used myself.
  • You will be seen and heard.
  • You will be challenged to look at new ways of working.
  • And I will offer the best care and guidance that my experience offers.




4 payments of $339 (monthly)

Client Feedback

“Having worked with Crista, I’ve had the opportunity to see how she simultaneously calms and challenge artists who have something to contribute but are perhaps nervous about the what and the how. With immense charm hiding her steely determination, she creates opportunities for artists to both shine and to build confidence. I can only conclude that this ability derives from her willingness to release conventional activities – albeit highly successful in her case – in order to free herself up for seeking her life’s true purpose. This is, it seems clear to me, to help others be the very best they can be through their creative activities. She’s a remarkable woman.”
Max Comfort
Facilitator, Author and Artist
As a featured guest speaker over several years of teaching the business of the arts at Arizona State University, Crista is always the class favorite. It’s not just that she is incredibly experienced and profoundly knowledgeable. What makes her special is that the stories she shares and the insights she imparts are empowering to university students in ways that they rarely derive from people in academia. Her unique talent is to reveal the realities, pitfalls and frustrations in the path ahead – yet do so in a way that emboldens emerging artists to take them on with smarts and passion. I have no doubt that she has cut years off the learning curves of countless artists – and propelled a great many to success with her clear navigational guidance.”
Matt Lehrman
Professor, Arizona State University
“ Crista really has a way of making you feel comfortable and safe. She inspires creativity; it’s almost as if she has a healing quality about her. She’s a coach and a mentor but also a healer; a healer with the skillset to help you with your business. ”
Kiki Jones
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