How many times have you felt overwhelmed looking at your to-do list? Does it feel like the list only gets longer and never shorter?

Artists often struggle with overwhelm and procrastination. Creativity and ideas usually take the helm, taking us away from the tasks we need to tackle urgently.

After spending too many years of my life being too busy, I had to learn to manage my time. I made this video to share my Time Management Secrets for Artists.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • The 2 greatest threats to artists (I’m looking at you, Overwhelm and Procrastination!)

  • Why artists really must master their time

  • The best place to begin 

  • The one word to banish from your vocabulary for powerful results

  • The secret strategy to control time, and ultimately your life

  • The currency that’s even more valuable than money (HINT: artists are rich in it)

  • The #1 trick for completing tasks you hate

  • My mantra for overcoming stress and guilt

Watch it now!

Lots of love,

Crista x

P.S. Do you want my personal help overcoming overwhelm? I will be teaching “Project Planning for Artist Brains, LIVE and IN-PERSON!
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