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Michelle Berlin spent a portion of her childhood in Bucks County Pennsylvania where history is in the very soil. A play date with friends often meant going to homes that were 200 years old, clad with bronze signs proudly claiming “Washington slept here”. It was then that she discovered her love for history and the thrill of finding treasures, such as a button from a revolutionary soldiers coat in her own back yard, tiptoeing through vine covered abandoned homes or finding old colored glass bottles and hand forged nails buried in long forgotten mounds in the woods. This combined with her travels to visit her father, who lives in England, watching him illustrate amazing fantasies for books and films, transformed the way Michelle looked at the world. Mostly self-taught and surrounded by art and artists, (her mother and her grandparents, also artists) it was a natural path for Michelle.

Berlin’s work is a combination of hand sculpted work and found objects, “I am most happy when surrounded by items that others see no value in and turning them into something magical”

Now living in Vancouver Washington with her musician/producer husband and her two extremely creative daughters, Michelle continues to find her inspiration in the past and in nature. ” I am a collector of found objects, leaves, sticks & stones. Assembled & cast into bronze, each piece is one of a kind full of life & movement”.




Elevator Pitch

I work in clay and found objects to create OOAK shrines & shadow boxes filled with Misfits, Saints, Jokers and Fools



Michelle Berlin

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