Grab a pen and paper for notes. You will profit from this workshop.
Let’s Talk About Money!

The #1 question artists ask me:

“How can I make more money?”

And when I respond, I share what I’ve learned from a career of collaborating with top artists, galleries, and collectors worldwide. The fact is:

  • Rich people love money.
  • Rich artists love money.
  • Not all famous artists are rich.
  • The rich artists understand money in this new economy.

It’s not about being greedy. It’s about:

  • Putting old money stories behind you.
  • Getting curious about money.
  • Opening to new ideas in your professional practice.
  • Learning how to make powerful change.

If you’re serious about your finances, get curious about money. Join this powerful workshop which I am offering for FREE for a limited time. 

Bring a pen and paper and get ready to transform your finances.

Let’s Talk About Money. Watch my video above. 

And if you want to go deeper into the subject, I recommend Marie Forleo’s “Dream Business Bootcamp.” The link is below.

With care,


“Let’s Talk About Money” was eye-opening. Now I understand the value of my art… thank you for this session, Crista!”

K. Emmanuel, Artist

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