Last Chance!

If you have a big dream that you’re ready to realize, this is the time to make it happen. Take action now.

The doors to B-School are closing on Friday the 28th. They won’t open again until 2024. 

If you join through me, I will gift you, at no additional charge, an in-depth Professional Strategy Session (value $899) while offering continued support.

I’ve seen so many artists thrive after graduating from B-School. You can too.

This is the last time I’ll make this offer.

It’s been an honor to share Marie Forleo’s work with you. I thank you for your support throughout this promotion.

If you still have questions about B-School or my Working Artist Startegy Session, feel free to email me or book a call here.

Can your dreams wait another year? Or are you ready to start building your new future now?


  • You get lifetime access to B-School 

  • You can take it at your own pace 

  • You can repeat it as many times as you please 

  • It teaches modern marketing methods

  • It’s not slick formulas, but grounded and real

So now it’s time to face the question you’ve been avoiding: If not now, when?

When do you stop waiting for everything to be perfect? When is it your turn? When are you going to start investing in your own work? In your self? 

I trust you to know whether B-School is right for you and the art career you want to create. 


Crista x

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