Do you sometimes find yourself looking for answers? I do.


But then I remember that a wise man once advised me to be sure I was asking the right questions.


Today, I wanted to ask you questions about an art goal or dream you might have. What are you wanting but haven’t yet achieved? It could be:


  • Building a website to showcase your art

  • Making a dream creative piece real

  • Making the move to full time professional artist

  • Applying for a grant or fellowship

It doesn’t matter what your goal, I invite you to watch this video and answer the questions that I pose. I believe you will leave feeling inspired, more clear, ready to move forward.


The answers to your challenges lie within the questions.

Watch this micro-course now and start answering these questions. I’d love to hear your answers.


Crista x


PS. After you watched the video, you’re welcome to click the link below to learn more about the Time Genius program. This is a new course by Marie Forleo and it promises to transform our relationship with time. I don’t know about you, but I want me some of that!


So I’ll be taking the course myself and am offering free one-on-one support to any artist who joins through my link.