I once led a busload of art collectors on a tour of art studios. 

These are the kinds of people interested in buying art. An easy target, you would think.

However, when the artists were speaking to the audience, they didn’t seem to engage with them. 

So, I stepped in. I helped the artist by asking the questions everyone wanted answers to. Because no one wants to hear a story that has been repeated over and over again. 

What are you telling the world about your art? And is that what your audience wants to hear? 

Think about it. The world is full of creative people trying to sell their art. You need to tell them what is different about yours.

Watch the video now and learn what you can tell your audience and get them engaged with your art. 

PS. Do you want to join me and artist Samantha Kaplan in France? We’re having an Information session about the fabulous painting and prosperity workshop that we’ve been planning. I hope you can come!

Join us online Thursday, June 27th at 11am Eastern Standard Time to learn the details.

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