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Next call: December 13th, 2019 5pm GMT

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  1. Megha Mehra

    Hi everyone, so glad to be back and look at all the activity. I have question on workshops. I recently started teaching classes and workshops in my area but I have trouble filling up the seats. I put up my schedule well in advance, and put flyers, facebook ads etc. I do generate interest but they don’t end of being my students. I feel I don’t have the right audience sometimes. People do appreciate my work and the few students I have had have enjoyed my class. I try to create an audience in my area however sometime wonder if I’m justing shooting in the dark?

  2. Helen Fraser

    Hi Crista. Thanks for your fabulous response last month. I have found it very helpful and have been busy researching galleries since. I have a few more questions this month. I think it is time to put up the prices of my smaller works. With a price rise, do I reprice previous work or just introduce the new prices to new work? Any guidance here would be appreciated. Also, I’m thrilled to say that I have been invited to put in a Prospectus to potentially tour my upcoming solo exhibition The Jefferson Grid (my first in a public gallery) between three small contemporary museums in the US. This would be a dream come true to say the least! I have just purchased a handbook about putting together a touring show but it is written for the Australian industry. I would love any advice you can offer about what I need to put in the Prospectus and take into account for the US industry. Also, at I have been advised that I would need to charge a fee for each location. Is that correct?

    I have to say that even having this opportunity come up is due to the fact that I have taken your advice over and over and jumped whenever something feels right. Thanks so much Crista and I look forward to hearing your response and also listening to the other artist’s questions.

    Warm regards,
    Helen Fraser

  3. Keely Finucane

    Hi Crista, Hope you are doing well. I plan on sending my portfolio featuring cocktails to galleries, restaurants and bars asap. I am having trouble writing cover letters. Do you have any tips on how to write one and what should be included? I have researched online but feel like I have been stuck over the past few weeks.

    -What is the best way to approach bars and restaurants in regards to trying to have my art hung on their walls for sale? Do I make an appointment or drop in? Tips for the cover letter?

    -There is a local gallery called Art One in Scottsdale that provides a space for up-and-coming artists to gain experience and move up the ladder in the gallery world. They advertise their hope to enable average-income people to purchase original art. Incoming artists sell their art no more than $850 and seasoned artists have a ceiling of $1,500. It sounds like a great gallery to get my foot in the door for experience but I am afraid I would have to lower my prices, devalue myself or only show small works that fit their price range. I assume the gallery would take 50% if I get in. What are your thoughts? Is this a good place to show my cocktail paintings? My goal is to get representation from a gallery.

    I hope to make it on the call but since it is scheduled during the week there is a high chance I won’t be able to make it. Thank you in advance for answering my questions.
    Best Regards,

  4. kim

    hi Crista, Hope all goes well. I would love to join but can’t make it to the live call tomorrow…so will ask here:

    I’m looking for a simple way of managing my archiving/ uploading to an online shop once work is finished. At the moment, I have 5 different places to upload work to show: Instagram, Artwork Archive, Saatchi Online, ArtFinder and (soon to come…) my own online shop on Squarespace. It is way too much and so I have not been able to follow through with it. I don’t have a system in place. Of all them, I’ve been most consistent with Artwork Archive as it tracks my sales, and where things are currently showing. So I have embedded Artwork Archive onto my website and at the moment that is serving as my online shop, but people have to contact me directly to inquire about the work–it’s not an actual shop.
    I’m overwhelmed with all the moving parts…. Do you have recommendations for how to streamline this process? many thanks! Kim

  5. judysb

    Hi Crista I took your Working Artist class in 2017 and remember you talking about having your own art show at home. I have had two solo gallery shows and I’m going to have my friends from work and members of our art group over for wine and appies and to show my paintings. Would you please give me a few tips on making some sales ?

  6. Vanessa

    Hello Crista,
    Thank you very much for this course and for your support!
    My question is about my website. I want to re-open it again, and my concern is putting up work which has never sold (but which I obviously hope to sell one day). I am virtually unknown, but does it look bad when you put up work that is recognisable from years ago? I look at other artists and they have work that has been up there for ages. I don’t overload my site but I have too much work that never sold. Also I can’t work fast enough to keep the turnover faster. This time would it be a good idea to make it a simpler platform? What would you advise?

  7. Savvas Porakos

    Hello Crista, I’m new here, I want to ask you how I keep my prices stable when especially the galleries charge 50% commissions today? It wouldn’t be a big problem if the commission was lower like in some internet platforms that charge 20-30%.Till now I don’t have website and I don’t sell online. I took recently the free trial of Artwork Archive. What prices I could use there? Or it’s better not to add prices? I know what prices are the less acceptable for my work. I do mostly small works because of the lack of money, space, time and good health. But I work slowly and I know I can’t give my work very cheap. In a gallery and especially here in Greece with the economic crisis a small painting with 50% commission and 24% tax it seems very expensive for buyers. For example to earn 300 euros from a painting the price in the gallery with tax must be 744 euros. It’s a big difference. Of course I would have to add taxes and on online sales but the 50% difference it’s too much. Can I have a little smaller prices when I don’t have to pay commissions like on my website?

  8. Rhonda

    Hi Crista,
    My question for this next coaching call is about changing the name of a piece of artwork that has already been made public. Many times I feel the desire or need to change a title to one of my pieces of artwork–the work seems to speak back to me as time goes by and I want to add or change the title; or maybe my title was really long, so then I want to give it a shorter version; or maybe I had given the title in one language and then wanted the English version at a later date. I think this might be somewhat of a common occurrence with other artists as well, since I have witnessed this happening when I had helped to catalogue or digitize other artists’ work. Would this practice of changing the title be detrimental in any way to business practice? Should I catalogue the work with two titles–such as using “aka” (also known as) to show the two titles. Do you have any knowledge of other artists who have used two titles for one piece of artwork, and what resulted from it–good or bad stories? Thank you so much for your support and advice!

  9. France

    Hi Crista,
    A bit of advice, please: I’m new and have been watching the videos religiously, but feel a bit overwhelmed with the “working artist kit” . I had decided to hold back until I get this kit done (bio almost done, good ideas for statement, but need to do better photos, etc..) before going on with this weeks’s material. Is that the right thing to do, or should I keep up with the pack? Thanks!

  10. Carmen Williams

    Hi Crista! Should one preferably use one’s family name, surname, as their artist name? I prefer not to but I am not sure if this is normal in the art world. I don’t feel very connected to my father’s name, as I am not very close with this side of my family. I like to use “Incarnadine” as a last name, but that might be too far out for the world at large. What do you think?