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Next call: February 13th, 2019 5pm GMT

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  1. Helen Fraser

    Hi Crista and The Working Artist members. I have a question for you all and it’s about my ethical bribe. I’ve been working hard with the help of a graphic artist to make my website really active as you recommend and have an email newsletter signup on my homepage now. I’ve decided to use writing about my art practice to get published in digital magazines and publications to direct traffic to my site. I have not had consistency with my newsletter which I have only sent out twice and have about 30 people subscribed right now. This definitely needs work! So I’m thinking of offering a free weekly newsletter with a heART idea based on a weekly microblog I do on Instagram. These heART ideas can then be extrapolated on in the weekly newsletter along with news and special offers of original artworks. Do you think this is incentive enough for strangers to sign up? I’m a bit nervous about the weekly writing commitment but I need to offer something by the 21st Jan when my first digital article comes out in Medicare Health titled ‘It is Never Too Late to Create; How to Fulfill Your Dream of Being an Artist at Midlife’. I’m taking the plunge to pitch ideas that others may find inspiring having recently been published in Down Under Textiles here in Australia recently. As you have said many times ‘Jump!”. It has certainly been working for me and is sage advice. This printed article has been a real boost to my profile which I want to build on at this point. Any feedback about how I can manage the weekly commitment and thoughts about the ethical bribe element would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again for your ongoing support which has led me to places I never dreamed to visit. Much Love.

  2. mehramegha

    Hi, I have a question about pricing. How does one decide how much is their art worth regardless of what the other artists in their surroundings charging for the similar kind of work?

  3. Michelle Berlin

    Hello and Happy New Year! I have been thinking about teaching some online art classes (for a fee) and was wondering how to even begin! I am sure you did a ton of research before deciding on the platform you used for this course. Would you recommend it? Or do you know of any others? It seems so many artists go down this road, but it just looks so complicated! Any thoughts?

  4. michal

    Hello Christa,

    Thank you so much for running these Coaching Calls for alumni as well as new members. They are my favourite part. I have been getting back into production after a two year forced break. Things seemed to be going well. I took on a larger studio, I was taken on by a great Art Director and second gallery, and I had a big commission and different art events to work towards. I am learning as I go and the Art Director has been a wealth of knowledge for me at my stage of career. I have 3 dilemmas I have come up against in the past month!

    1. I had a large commission for a new high end café. They knew my work before I knew of them and contacted me for a specific piece. I agreed to do the piece if they let me have a one-month show in their space with smaller work of a similar theme for sale to the public. There is one week left for the show and despite sending an invoice and two emails for the commission, there has been no response. It is an hour and a half away by car. I have sent a simple request that I receive a minimum of 50% of the payment for the commission on the day I take down the show. Otherwise I plan to take the piece with me. I offered them a very good discount, but in hindsight feel used. Should I have asked for a deposit upfront? I don’t do a lot of commissions so am new to negotiating them. Of course I am on a fast learning curve being in the midst of one that appears to be going sour. What would Christa do? Take some sort of deposit up front?
    2. I took part in an open studio. This is my city’s only big art event and thousands of people come. I had sales and some people paid in instalments. I was advised to only release the work once 50% was paid. There was one man who came who put a piece on hold and said he would pay in two instalments beginning in January. To my surprise he is now sending me letters and gifts, but no money. He suggests I should instead trade one of his bought prints for my art. And maybe come to his apartment to see them?! Should I drop this one or go through my gallery to let him know he can only buy through them (I’ll let them take a cut at this point)? Writing out this dilemma, I am clearly not facing the obvious. He is likely not going to buy and I should keep myself safe.
    3. With my large commission on the brink of falling through and sales not materialising at what point does one downsize large studios and admit defeat for the moment? I know your mantra is to jump in and believe in yourself, but while I am pushing hard, the housing downturn here has really affected designers renting and buying my work for a huge market that is now stagnant. I also made the move from London (UK) “art-central” to the west coast of Canada “outdoor central”. Hmmmm.

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! Your knowledge and time is invaluable and just keeps building my knowledge base.

  5. michal

    Thanks again, Crista! I had a chance to listen to the recording today and it is good advice. I like that you got everybody to say their websites as well. I am going to look them up now.