10 Steps to Working as an Artist

Have you seen this video yet? The 10 Steps to Working as an Artist

The reason I’m sharing it again is because I’ve just finished writing a book about the artist’s journey. And I’m co-hosting a retreat based on my book in the South of France with artist Anthony Epes.

During the French retreat, we’ll go very deep into each of these ten steps and what they look like for you. For your work. For your Muse.

I’d love it if you could join us in France!

Listen, I’ve been working with other artists since the start of my art career. I’ve collaborated in the studio with famous names and introduced many unknown artists to the market. I’ve also taught artists in over 80 countries how to build a profitable practice. One thing I know for sure is that no artist can achieve success without following each of these ten steps.

If you come to France this summer, you’ll work with me and Anthony. We’re only allowing a small group of artists so we can really explore the path of your journey and identify ways to best support and sustain your creativity.

Expect profound breakthroughs.

Oh, and because it’s France you can also expect delicious food!

To get a flavor of the theme of this creativity retreat, watch The 10 Steps to Working as an Artist.

And to learn more about the retreat in France, click the info link below.


Crista x

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