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The Artist's Life: A Free Video Series with Crista Cloutier

This series of free videos was created to help artists. After working with so many artists from around the world, I've found most of us share the same challenges:


The rules of the marketing game keep changing. What worked before in marketing your art might not be working any more. No matter what your marketing challenges, I'll be sharing some really helpful advice for you.


It's natural for artists to suffer from lack of confidence. After all, we are putting the most private, most vulnerable parts of ourself out there for the world to see. I'll share secrets that other artists have used to build their confidence.

Time Management  

We all struggle with this. That's why I've created a video that will help you find balance between making art and sharing it. I cover these topics and more in my Art Up! series.

But they're only available for a few days!

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