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The Working Artist’s Fast Track To Clarity, Confidence And Results with Crista Cloutier

-Do you find it an uphill battle to sell work and build a loyal audience?
-Are you afraid that being an artist means a vow of poverty and wasted time?
-Do you wish for an experienced mentor who can answer questions, give ideas and feedback, take an honest appraisal of your business, and give you the insights to accelerate your success?

Then you may be an ideal candidate for my new Working Artist Mentorship Program.



I’ve spent my career in the art business. I’ve worked with superstars, emerging artists, and dreamers. I’ve personally sold over $10 million in art to collectors and galleries, and have placed work in nearly every major collection in the USA. And I have trained artists in over 50 countries to do the same.

In short:

1. I understand exactly where you’re at and what you’re going through.

2. I can show you exactly what it takes to get to the other side.


“I feel like my business has a whole new life now. I’m much more confident in asking for the price that I want with my work, and I am finding that collectors are willing to pay it! My time with Crista gave me a greater sense of confidence, a better sense of direction, and a feeling that I AM an artist.
Crista is so easy to talk to, she never judges, it’s like talking to a sister. And I loved the fact that she’s an artist as well, she really understood my concerns, fears, and challenges. Crista is ‘in the ring’ with us.”
Crystal Lockwood,

What exactly is The Working Artist Mentorship Program?

-It begins with an intake session to maximize results. I’ll ask you to send me specific materials and answer a series of questions so that I can dive deep into your work before we meet.

-Then we will spend an intensive 90-minute session together in a private, roll-up-your-sleeves online meeting focused on your work and your goals.

-Each session is uniquely tailored to the individual artist’s needs. Some of the ways I can help you include:

-Identifying a clear road map for your career, where you want to go and the best way to get there

-Creating systems to free your time and stop feeling overwhelmed

-How to turn your website or online gallery into a 24-hour sales machine

-Identify your audience and turn them into raving fans

-Create branding that feels authentic and sustainable

-Building a social-media strategy that connects you to the right people

-Identify your challenges and create strategies to conquer them profitably

-Give insightful feedback on your materials, prices and work

If you choose to work with me, be prepared for breakthroughs and tangible results. I’ll bring fresh air, inspiration, my integrity and the strictest of confidence.



“Initially, I was hesitant to spend the money on a one-on-one online meeting with Crista. But walking through my materials and brainstorming next steps together was incredibly helpful. After our meeting, I felt super-motivated and confident.

Crista helped me to focus on the things that would most help me achieve my goal. I’ve gotten better at speaking about my work and I’m pursuing opportunities, where before I was always waiting to feel ‘ready.’ Now I apply for as many things as possible and am much better at making connections with other artists. And it’s been effective.

Since our time together, I was accepted into a one-year residency program. I’ve delivered two Visiting Artist talks. I had four pieces in a group exhibition. And I’m going to be teaching two workshops in NYC. Most importantly, I am now able to use my time to focus on making art.”
Elizabeth Castaldo



After our meeting, we will schedule a 30-minute follow-up. More importantly, I will continue to be a resource for you in the future, to answer questions and offer support.

The Working Artist Mentorship Program is right for you if you are serious about your work and ready to move forward. It is for artists at all stages of their career.

If you’re feeling stuck, frustrated or lost, I am here to help.


“If you’re thinking of working with Crista – go for it! It will be worth it.”
Majie Lavergne,



My new Working Artist Mentorship Program is being introduced at $699. Just like you, managing my resources and time are a daily challenge, so spaces are limited.



“I love Crista and have worked with her one-on-one. She’s got tremendous integrity. That said, the program only works as hard as you do. But I’ve done a few of these now and The Working Artist is the program I keep returning to”.
Kim Roberts



Founder of The Working Artist Masterclass and actively involved in the contemporary art world throughout her career, Crista Cloutier works internationally as an artist and writer.

Crista understands the art world inside and out. She has sold work to galleries, museums, and collectors throughout the world including New York’s Museum of Modern Art, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Los Angeles County Museum, Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts, the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, and the Chicago Art Institute.

Over the course of her career, Crista has collaborated with significant contemporary artists including: James Turrell, Vik Muniz, Kiki Smith, Judy Chicago, Andres Serrano, Carrie Mae Weems, Faith Ringgold, Kate Breakey, Mark Klett, Jaune Quick-To-See Smith, Luis Gonzalez Palma, Philip Pearlstein, Richmond Burton, Sandow Birke, Enrique Chagoya, Valerie Hammond, Elizabeth Catlett, Bevelry McIver, and William Wegman.

Crista has worked with artists whose careers range from blue-chip to just beginning. She knows firsthand how successful artists manage their careers and has witnessed where aspiring artists often stumble. Some artists call her their “Muse,” others have referred to her as an “Artist-Whisperer.”

Crista is certified as a fine-arts appraiser, has worked as an arts licensor, gallerist, award-winning documentary filmmaker, fine-art publisher, and she has curated dozens of exhibitions, receiving reviews in Art in America, Huffington Post, and Flash Art. Her own essays have been published by The Guardian, Yale Press and Gallimard.

Through her online courses, Crista has taught artists in over 50 different countries.

Today Crista lives out of a suitcase, meeting artists where ever she goes and writing about living a creative life.

To learn more about Crista’s professional background, watch this video:

“Crista cares about artists’ success. Since our consultation I’ve felt more confidence in my work and conviction in my practice.
It was helpful to talk with Crista because she understands the art market. So if you’re having trouble, I recommend you speak to someone who knows the business.”
Rochelle Johnson ,



Email me at if you have questions about whether The Working Artist Mentorship Program offer is right for you.

*The Working Artist Mentorship Program is a non-refundable investment.