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2017/10/20 23:59:00

What You'll Learn

  • The truth about how the way you approach prospects might be a waste of time and what to do instead to make real connections
  • How to easily get more sales with insider tactics that truly work
  • Proven planning techniques for a thriving career that has longevity and sustainability
  • Discover how to avoid disaster when pricing your work and how to set the right prices
  • The giant myth about artist contracts revealed and the best way to negotiate them
  • The simple mistake 90% of artists make when submitting proposals and why repeating it will doom you to failure
  • Powerful methods to present your art properly to prevent looking like an amateur
  • Surprising techniques artists use for managing their time and to overcome overwhelm
  • The secret habits of blue-chip artists that you can implement right now
  • Uncover why your website turns visitors away and how to better connect with viewers
  • The best ways to use social media while keeping it fun and effective
  • Insights into connecting with curators, gallerists, interior designers, corporate collectors and other art-world decision makers
  • How to effortlessly write an amazing business plan that will carry you forward

Using the tools I learned from Crista, in no time at all, I sold 18 paintings and got 2 new commissions! Today, I am a working artist.”

– Chico Coehlo, San Francisco

Benefits of the Class


No more floundering or guessing, you’ll develop the poise that comes from knowing your stuff. You'll be the real deal.


Now you’ll have a clear understanding of exactly how the art market works and how to best navigate it.


Feeling stuck or spinning your wheels? This program could be just the powerful kickstart you need.


Each week Crista will offer Coaching Calls, personally answering each of your questions. Can’t make the call? Post your question online and she’ll record her answer. As your mentor, she’s committed to your success!


You’ll have your materials together and know exactly how to successfully manage projects. People will see that you know how to conduct yourself and your practice as a professional working artist.


You’ll reap the rewards of your investment by selling more art. You’ll save also time, money and heartache. Your art is meant to be shared, enjoyed and people will be to take an active part by rewarding you for your ingenuity.

Ongoing Benefits


With The Working Artist Network, you’ll have access to an international group of artists who are already doing the work. Ask them your questions, share your latest work, build your sphere of influence, and get links to exhibitions, grants and residencies.The Working Artist Community includes artists from over 45 countries!


Real artists never stop learning. That’s why we’ll give you FREE access to all future bonus sessions that we add to The Working Artist course. And your subscription never runs out. You can return to the material again and again.


We are constantly creating new Bonus Training sessions to keep pace with the rapidly changing market. And we don’t just stop with art galleries. We also go deep into Online Marketing, Social Media, Branding and Websites and a myriad of other ways to build your professional career.


As a Working Artist you’ll receive invitations to exclusive events and private one-on-one consultations with Crista Cloutier. These are ONLY available for graduates of The Working Artist course.

“Crista Cloutier has transformed the professional careers of hundreds of artists throughout the world. If you’ve been looking for an expert mentor to guide you, Crista will give you a 360 degree approach to growing your art career.”

– Gianna Salandé, New Orleans.

How You Will Learn

Simple and easy-to use, created with the “artist brain” in mind,
The Working Artist is a very different kind of workshop.

The Working Artist platform contains everything you need. Unique interactive Video-Workbooks lead you step-by step through each stage of the course culminating in the guided creation of your Working Artist business plan – a living document that hones your intentions into reality and anchors you in your art career.

Personalized Dashboard

Video-Guided Workbooks

Coaching Calls

Caring Support


Community Forum

Focused, convenient, and straight-to-the-point, The Working Artist is the professional solution for busy creatives. With the investment of only 60 to 90 minutes each week, you have the option of taking the course with other artist peers or completely at your own pace. If you fall behind, you have lifelong access to the material including future Working Artist bonuses at no additional cost. You can take it at your own pace or do it with the group.

With my 110% Money-Back Guarantee you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

“99% of the artists I know should take this course.”

– James Robischon, Owner of Robischon Gallery, Denver

This course IS for you if…

  • You’re a visual artist – painter, photographer, jewelry, whatever – just so long as you’re devoted to doing the work
  • You understand that continuing your education is a powerful, ongoing discipline of being a professional artist
  • You feel overwhelmed about how to achieve your financial goals through your art and are seeking a knowledgeable advisor
  • You’re ready for a major breakthrough in your career and practice
  • You’re tired of struggling and want to STOP wasting time

It’s NOT for you if…

  • You think that money demeans art
  • You are not ready to put the “work” in working artist
  • You are still waiting for that someone to “do this stuff for you”
  • You are looking for a cookie-cutter strategy that you can easily find online for free
  • You believe the world will discover you without any work on your part

About Crista

Crista Cloutier has:

  • sold millions of dollars of artwork to galleries, museums, collectors
  • run a gallery and nationally recognized studio
  • certified as an arts appraiser and worked as an arts licensor
  • produced an award-winning art documentary
  • been published by major museums, magazines and newspapers
  • curated dozens of international exhibitions
  • collaborated with many artists from blue-chip to just-emerging

That’s NOT the whole picture…

“But a few years ago, I crashed and burned. I hadn’t been nurturing my own creativity. I sold ALL of my possessions and moved to France to push the refresh button. There, I created a new life for myself as an artist – and as a writer who writes about being an artist. Using what I learned from my years as an art-business veteran, I developed The Working Artist.

Today, The Working Artist has become a part of my own creative practice. I draw my inspiration from helping other artists – like you.  I never even dared to dream that it would have this kind of impact on so many, for The Working Artist has now reached artists in over 30 countries!

The art world is very difficult to navigate. I wasted so much time reading the wrong stuff and listening to people who think they’re experts when all I was doing was going down the wrong road. The Working Artist got me back on the right road. Crista knows the art world and explains it so you can understand it.”

Ta Thimkaeo, Thailand

How It Works

Registration is Open Now! 

  • 4 Core Modules Each comprised of a 30-minute video and in-depth interactive workbooks. Take it at your own pace
  • 4 Coaching Calls with Crista Cloutier Scheduled for Oct 21, Oct 28, Nov 4, Nov 11
  • Surprise Bonus Modules spanning topics from social media and marketing to project planning and much more
  • Access The Working Artist Network
  • As an honored alumni, when the session is over you’ll continue to have lifetime access
  • As an honored alumni you’ll always have free access to future Working Artist Sessions

The Working Artist Masterclass

110% Money Back Guarantee

$399 USD Total in 3x Monthly Payments of $133

Masterclass GOLD

Masterclass + Personal Strategy Session with Crista

 $798 USD Total in 3x Monthly Payments of $266

Crista in Gold circle

This ‘Gold’ option further builds on what you’ll learn in the Masterclass.

Different than the Coaching Calls, this is a private professional strategy session, one-on-one with Crista, scheduled after you complete The Working Artist.

For 90+ minutes Crista will roll up her sleeves and go deep into your Working Artist materials, your art and your vision. She’ll work with you to create a strategic action plan for improving sales, gaining exposure, and building your audience.

Please note that spaces are very limited for these private consultations.


“This class was worth every penny – really, priceless.”

– Working Artist |

110% Money Back Guarantee

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