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Vicki McGalliard was born in 1959 in Chattanooga, Tennessee. In 1980 she received a Bachelor of Arts degree in History from Carson-Newman College, and in 1983 a Master of Arts degree, also in History, from Middle Tennessee State University. Vicki studied water color painting under Agnes Locke of Del Rio, Texas, and is honing her drawing skills through study with The Drawing Academy, an online school which teaches fine art drawing. She is also continuing her art education by taking The Working Artist online workshop.
Vicki has had an interest in drawing and painting since childhood, and even took an art history course in college where she fell in love with classical art. However,  it wasn’t until later in life that she has been able to pursue her interest in drawing and painting regularly. Her work was on display in 2015 and 2016 at the Del Rio Spring Art Fest held annually in Del Rio, Texas, where she has won two blue ribbons with cash prizes, two 2nd Place ribbons, a 3rd Place ribbon, and an Honorable Mention. Her work has also sold at a private auction to benefit the Orchestra of Southern Utah, and is included in a private collections in the United States.

Artist Statement

I am drawn to architecture as a subject matter. I like trying to convey some feeling of being there, being present in that moment. My main medium is watercolor and pen. I am beginning to explore history through the use of other mediums such as color pencil, oils, and soft pastels. My interest regarding subject matter, however, is not limited to architecture alone. I am also interested in botanicals and landscapes.

I have a love for history. It started when I was very young. Throughout my life and travels, I have had opportunities to tour one historical site after another, whether it was a home dating back to times of the American Revolution, Civil War battlefields, colonial government buildings, a sunken WWII Japanese airplane, Japanese caves on the western Pacific islands of Guam and Saipan, or countless museums. I discovered that the more I looked at old photos, or visited locations of historic events throughout the world, the more I found myself being drawn into those images and locations, sometimes feeling almost as though I could have been there in that time. That is what I want viewers to feel when they see my art — a chance to look into a world where they can feel transported to that time, that place, if only just for a moment.

Elevator Pitch

I like to depict historical places or locations in a way that draws the viewer in, inviting them to look closer and perhaps find themselves there in the moment. I currently work in ink and watercolors.


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